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Nasty Tales (197?)
National Lampoon I #84 (1977)
The New Visions (1982)

Nasty Tales, Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll and Violence in the British Underground [FANZINE] [GB]

1) 197?. England. [mocba]2) July 1st, 2001. By David Huxley. Critical Vision. 7″x10″. 192 pgs. B&W. $19.95. Paperback. Full index and a full chronological list of comics published 1966-1982 in the UK. Also interviews. [wbp,ed,ober]Pgs 16, 83: Minor text mention. There is two small picts on latter page, but neither of them is by Richard Corben.
Others (nearly 150 illustrations): Robert Crumb, Roberta Gregory, Mike Matthew, Antonio Ghura, Bryan Talbot, Hunt Emerson, Steve Gibson etc.
See also Nasty Tales [comic book] (1972).

National Lampoon I, #84 [MAGAZINE]

March 1977. National Lampoon Inc., New York. [ober]Pg 93: single page excerpt of “Den” in preview of Heavy Metal #1 (1977)

The New Visions [ART]

(?) 1982. Introduction by Frederik Pohl. Doubleday & Company, Inc. [ober]Pg 4: Self portrait (New Visions) and Richard Corben self-profile SF Book Club covers
Pg 5: “Neverwhere Castle” aka “The Day of Their Return”
Pgs 6-7: “Spaceling”
Pg 9: “Retard”
Pg 11: “Dino Hunter”

1972 New York Comic Art Convention Program [GUIDE]

[Facebook]13 faces of artists. One of them Richard Corben.

The New Yorker, Feb. 7th, 2011 [MAGAZINE]

From 1925. Magazine. Condé Nast. 200 x 273 mm. 47 issues per year. [wiki,]Around 14 pg article: Profiles, “Show the Monster”, Guillermo del Toro’s quest to get amazing creatures onscreen, by Daniel Zalewski. Entire article, and as magazine. [Links added Aug. 14, 2016]Two mentions of Richard Corben.

Nickelodeon #1 [PUBLICATION]

1975. Tom Reamy and Ken Keller. Nickelodeon Graphic Arts Service. [ober]Cover Art: “Face Ripped Off”
Publisher asked a pict, “Trumpet”, for a fanzine Trumpet, but never published it. Instead he did this art for this publication.

Night Images: A Book of Fantasy Verse [ART]

1976. By Robert E. Howard. Hard Bound. Morning Star Press. Print run of 1000. [ober,scheiman]Appears six (?) different versions:
1) Issues 1-250 came with an extra color Frazetta page, a metal figure on the cover, and a slip case with a metal figure on it.
2) Issues 251-1000 came with a text cover, no Frazetta color page, no slipcase
3) Issues 251-1000 as prev., except it is inside of a matching numbered mailing carton
4) Issues 251-1000 as second (2), but with a text slipcase, no metal figure. Only one known existing copy…
5) Issues 251-1000 as second (2), but with the metal slipcase. Maybe only one known existing copy…
6) Unnumbered. Same as prev., but not numbered. Proof copy? Extra copy? Only four known existing copy…
Dust Jacket: “Night Images”
Jacket flaps & pg 91: “Death Head” (illustrates ‘Songs of Death’)
Pg 1 & Tailpiece: “Night Images Frontispiece”
Pg 3: “Night Images Title Page”
Pg 8: “Night Images Intruduction”
Right half of this pict is mirrored to the left and it is used as frame for text pages.
Pg 11: “Of Dreams and Visions”
Pg 19: “Haunting Columns” Pg 33: “Songs of Longing and of Love” Pg 37: “The Heart of the Sea’s Desire”. Also printed in Fantasy Crossroads #8 (May 1976) and Heavy Metal #3 (1977).Pg 43: “Tiger Girl”Pg 45: “Songs of War and Warriors”
Pg 65: “Songs From the World” Pg 69: “Solomon Kane’s Homecoming”
Pg 95: “Dark Barbarian” (illustrates ‘A World from the Outer Dark’)

9-11: September 11th 2001 Volume 2 [ART]

Jan. 2002. DC Comics. 224 pgs. $9.95. Paperback. [ober,wmars]Also printed in Italy.
See also Heroes (2001).
Writers & artists tell stories to remember.
Pg 38: “9-11”. Full pager.

Others: Danijel Zezelj, Stephen John Phillips, Dave McKean, Chris Bachalo, Kyle Baker, John Bolton, Glenn Fabry, Dave Gibbons, Alex Ross, Jill Thompson, John Van Fleet, Michael Zulli, Steve Leialoha, Paul Pope, Darick Robertson, Eduardo Risso, Goran Sudzuka, Angelo Torres, Bob Wiacek, Sandra Hope, Jim Lee, Brian Stelfreeze, Neal Adams, Barry Kitson, Tom Palmer, Dan Panosian, Phil Jimenez, Mike Collins, David Lloyd, Todd Nauck, Tom Grummett, Scott Kolins, Keith Champagne, Rich Faber, Guy Davis, Phil Noto, Ande Parks, Mark Farmer, Sergio Aragonés, Humberto Ramos, Brent Anderson, Carlos Pacheco, Jésus Merino, Walter Simonson, Tim Sale, Scott McDaniel, Phil Hester, Aaron Sowd, Rick Burchett, Sergio Cariello, Joe Staton, Bob Smith, Kieron Dwyer, Marie Severin, Val Semeiks, James Pascoe, Denys Cowan, Alan Davis, José Luis García-López, Steven Parke, Yanick Paquette, Steve Scott, Prentis Rollins, Alex Horley, Ariel Olivetti, Christopher Moeller, Romeo Tanghal, Jim Royal, Pete Woods, Lee Bermejo, Enrique Breccia, John Cebellero, Cliff Wu Chiang, Marcelo Frusin, Greg Hildebrandt, Tim Hildebrandt, Daniel Janke, Jamie Mendoza, Robin Riggs, Roger Robinson, Duncan Rouleau, Eman Torre, William Wray; Writer/Artists: Joe Kubert, Jimmy Palmiotti, Andy Lanning, Darwyn Cooke, Sam Glanzman, Gary Fields, Dan Abnett, Tom Mandrake, Mo Willems, Amanda Conner; Writers: Pat McGreal, Neil Gaiman, Steven T. Seagle, Peter Gross, Ed Brubaker, Brian Azzarello, Jamie Delano, Brian K. Vaughan, Stan Lee, Will Eisner, Jeph Loeb, Kurt Busiek, Jo Duffy, J. M. DeMatteis, Joe Kelly, Geoff Johns, Ben Raab, Rick Veitch, Dan Jurgens, Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen, Marv Wolfman, Denny O’Neil, Michael Moorcock, David S. Goyer, Mike Carey, Hilary Bader, Eddie Berganza, James Denning, Andy Helfer, Chuck Kim, Josh Krach, Dwayne McDuffie, Don McGregor, Jennifer Moore, Ashley-Jayne Nicolaus, Chris Sequeira, Alex Simmons, Beau Smith.

9-11: 11 Settembre 2001 [ITA] [ART]

2002. Play Press. In Italian. [marchesini]“9-11”. Full pager. r[9-11: September 11th 2001 Volume 2 (2002)]

The 1975 Annual World’s Best SF [NOVEL]

1975. Donald A. Wollheim, Arthur W. Saha (editors). Hard Bound. DAW Books, Inc. Also, Nelson Doubleday SFBC. $2.49. 277 pgs. [ober,isfdb]Dustjacket: “Cosmic Monster”

The 1977 Annual World’s Best SF [NOVEL]

Sept. 1977. Donald A. Wollheim, Arthur W. Saha (editors). Hard Bound. DAW Books. Also, Nelson Doubleday SFBC. $2.49. 279 pgs. [ober,isfdb]Dustjacket: “Retard”

1978 Comic Art Convention Souvenir Booklet [GUIDE]

July 1978. Warren. [twc,jlmh]Back Cover, ad for 1984 #2: Richard Corben.
The ad features the cover of 1984 #2, but with significant changes to the girl in the illustration. Equal with Back Cover ad in 1984 #1 (1978).

1987 Portfolio in Defense of the First Amendment [ART]

1987. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Limited edition of 1500. 12 times 9″x12″ black and white plates. [ebay]Plate: “Sabertooth”
Others: Will Eisner, Bob Burden, Robert Crumb, Denis Kitchen, Simpson, Eric Vincent, Reed Waller, Barta & O’Connell, Steve Bissette, Sergei Aragones, Frank Miller.

Noospheres: The Painting of Robert Venosa [ART]

(?) 1991. Pomegranate Artbooks. [ober]Inside Front Dustjacket: Richard Corben partial quote excerpting a complete quote on pgs 6-7

Noospheres: The Painting of Robert Venosa [ART]

(?) 1991. Pomegranate Artbooks. [ober]Inside Front Dustjacket: Richard Corben partial quote excerpting a complete quote on pgs 6-7

The Nostalgia Journal #30 [GUIDE] 

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