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Obras maestras del arte fantástico

Obras maestras del arte fantástico Spanish

(?) Toutain Editor or Norma, 1986. In Spanish. [esmania].
Spanish version of Great Masters of Fantasy Art.
1 pict by Richard Corben.

The Official Underground and Newave Comix Price Guide

Omni Comix

Bat out of Hell1000 Record Covers

2002. By Michael Ochs. Taschen. 5″x8″. 768 pgs. $22.95. Text in English, German and French. Full color throughout. Hard Bound (without dustjacket). [wbp].
“Bat out of Hell”

The Three Graces

The Ophiuchi Hotline

(?) 1981. By John Varley. Dial. Hard Bound. [ober].
Cover Art: “The Three Graces”
Possibly comissioned for the reprint of the book, but never printed with Richard Corben cover on it; the 1977 version with the cover by Boris Vallejo. [di]

Original Comic Art Identification and Price Guide

(?) 1992. By Jerry Weist. Avon. Paperback. [ober].
Pgs 208, 209, 210.


Note: title is commonly listed as OX (“oh-ex”), but should be 0X (Arabic zero·Roman ten). (Chapter16: “I am speaking for 0X,” the computer said. “This is the code designation Zero X, or Arabic numeral nothing multiplied by the Roman numeral ten, …”) [wikipedia]

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