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Obras maestras del arte fantástico

Obras maestras del arte fantástico Spanish

(?) Toutain Editor or Norma, 1986. In Spanish. [esmania].
Spanish version of Great Masters of Fantasy Art.
1 pict by Richard Corben.

The Official Underground and Newave Comix Price Guide

The Official Underground and Newave Comix Price Guide

Omni Comix

Omni Comix

Bat out of Hell1000 Record Covers

2002. By Michael Ochs. Taschen. 5″x8″. 768 pgs. $22.95. Text in English, German and French. Full color throughout. Hard Bound (without dustjacket). [wbp] “Bat out of Hell”

The Three Graces

The Ophiuchi Hotline

(?) 1981. By John Varley. Dial. Hard Bound. [ober] Cover Art: “The Three Graces”
Possibly comissioned for the reprint of the book, but never printed with Richard Corben cover on it; the 1977 version with the cover by Boris Vallejo. [di]

Original Comic Art Identification and Price Guide

(?) 1992. By Jerry Weist. Avon. Paperback. [ober] Pgs 208, 209, 210.


Note: title is commonly listed as OX (“oh-ex”), but should be 0X (Arabic zero·Roman ten). (Chapter16: “I am speaking for 0X,” the computer said. “This is the code designation Zero X, or Arabic numeral nothing multiplied by the Roman numeral ten, …”) [wikipedia]

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