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Una agéncia artistica a Barcelona [GUIDE][SPAIN]

No Corben cover!

Undercover [GUIDE][GERMAN]

1992. By Eckart Sackmann. Comicplus+. TPB. 64 pgs. [sebastian]

Pg 18: Table of content, Richard Corben (USA): 1977 (Epic) Meat Loaf: Bat out of Hell, 1981 (Epic) Jim Steinman: Bad for Good
Pg 19: A small pict of the front cover of Meat Loaf: Bat out of Hell. Color.
Pg 19: A small pict of the front cover of Jim Steinman: Bad for Good. B&W.
Pg 22: A full pager of the front cover of Heavens Gate: Livin’ in Hysteria. Color.

No Corben cover!

Underground Classics: The Transformation of Comics into Comix

2009. By James Danky & Denis Kitchen. Abrams. []Incl. Richard Corben. The original artplate of page of “To Meet the Faces You Meet”
Incl. also Vaughn Bode, R. Crumb, Justin Green, Rick Griffin, Bill Griffith, Rory Hayes, Rand Holmes, Jay Kinney, Bobby London, Jay Lynch, Spain Rodriguez, Gilbert Shelton, Art Spiegelman, Skip Williamson, S Clay Wilson, others. Introduction by Jay Lynch.

No Corben cover!

Underground Comics [FANZINE][AUSTRALIA]

197?. AUS$5. 30 pgs. Fanzine. Australia. [mocba]Richard Corben included.

Others: Robert Crumb. Furry Freak Sisters.

Fogel’s Underground Comix Price Guide, The First Supplement [GUIDE]

2010. Fogel Comix/Carnal Comics. $16,95. 120 pgs. Print run of 1200. Color and B&W. [face,net]On a cover several underground characters and one on a lower right corner, back to the viewer, Den.

Unhappily Everafter [PUBLICATION]

Mortified Press Presents. [ebay]On eBay was sold with line, “for Richard Corben fans”. Actually the wraparound cover is only inspired by Corben art.
The Official Underground and Newave Comix Price Guide (Summer 1982) by Jay Kennedy does not recognize the publication. Weather it is not an underground comix or it was done after.

Unknown Soldier #1 (of #10) [COMICS]

DC Vertico. Oct. 22, 2008. 32 pgs. $2.99. [wdc]Front Cover Art: “Unknown Soldier #1 [Variant Cover]”
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Alberto Ponticelli; Cover by Igor Kordey; Variant cover by Richard Corben; Colors by José Villarrubia.

Αγνωστοι Κόσμοι (Agnostoi Kósmoi) [transl. Unknown Worlds] [NOVEL][GREECE]

U, el hijo de Urich #14 (1999) [MAGAZINE][FRANCE]

La Factoria de Ideas, Mardid, Spain. Jan. 1999. 450 pesetas. [id]Pgs 89-91: Reseñas: Heavy Metal: The best of Richard Corben special. Reviewed by David Muñoz. Three B&W picts, the cover of Heavy Metal: The Best of Richard Corben Special, exceprt from the stories “You’re a Big Gril Now” and “In Deep”.
“Urich” was a Spanish info magazine about comics. It appeared between 1986 and 1994. The first perioid was published by the Seller Madrid Comics (21 numbers with an average size of 16 pgs) and the second one by Mario Ayuso Editor (32 pgs). The director was Lorenzo Díaz and later José María Méndez. In 1996, many of the partners founded a reborn magazine called “U, el hijo de Urich” (transl. “U, the son of Urich”), a new magazine specialized in thematic issues. The page count was extent (between 48 and 192 pgs) and it was less linked to the present time. One of the features of the magazine was extensive interviews with authors (like Francisco Ibáñez, Alan Moore, Miguel Angel Martin, Horacio Altuna, Carlos Gimenez, Entrialgo Mauro) up to 80 pages. The magazine lost the tagline “El hijo de Urich” and was shortened as “U” starting from #18 (1999). The magazine went through two publishers (Chameleon Editions and the Factory of Ideas). “U” received the Award for Best Magazine in the Barcelona Comic Fair in 2003, shortly before its closure, at #27 (2004). “U, el hijo de Urich” had four directors throughout his eight years of life: José María Méndez, David Muñoz, Santiago García and Óscar Palmer.

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