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Wandering Stars

Book did not contain anything by Richard Corben, but the flyer. See:

Science Fiction Book Club Flyers


April 1986. By Richard Bowes. Paperback. Popular Library/Questar. $3.50. 248 pgs. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “Short Circuit” Pict

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Nov. 1983. By Steve Jackson (UK) and Ian Livingtsone. Fighting Fantasy Gamebook #1. The American edition: Dell. US$1.95. [demian,ober] The cover of the British original edition not by Richard Corben. Interior illustrations by Russ Nicholson. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “Enchanted Treasure (Art2, pg 50, CI-card #70)

The Warlord of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs, read by Grover Gardner. B&B Audio, 2 cassettes, 3 hours, abridged. [ebay] Cover Art: As we passed over her… she burst into flames (also printed in Llana of Gathol & John Carter of Mars (1977)). Color.

Warlords II Scenario

Warlords II Scenario

Gina Diggers: Warnerd of Mars. Bonus Issue Full Moons of Mars Comics

Feb. 2016. Antartic Press. [id] Cover Art says, “Fred Perry after Corben”. I.e. it’s a hommage after “Neverwhere [European]”.
The story inside is an interpretation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Warlord of Mars except the leading character is female and Fred Perry takes quite a lot liberties for the story.

The Warren Companion

1) July, 2001. By David A. Roach & Jon B. Cooke. TwoMorrows Publishing. 8-1/2″x11″x5/8″. 272+4 pgs. Sofcover.
2) 288 pgs. Signed on tipped-in illustrated page by Jim Warren and numbered. Print run of 1000. Foil-stamped cover with dustjacket. Hard Bound. [id,wbp] Includces articles from Comic Book Artist #4 (1999).
In the end of the book (pgs 193-265) “The Complete Warren Checklist”, by David A. Roach, in deep details all Warren publications.
Pgs 4, 7, 9, 12, 13, 122, 124-125, 130-131, 134, 135, 137, 140-144, 147, 151, 160, 179-180, 265: Richard Corben mentioned (mostly briefly).
Pg 145: The odd word of Rich Corben, Richard Corben interview by Jon B. Cooke
Pgs 176-183: The Bruce Jones Touch, Bruce Jones interview by Jon B. Cooke. Bruce Jones talks about Karen Gilbertson on pgs 179-180.
Pg 121: Panel excerpt of “Change… into Something Comfortable”. B&W. 5-2/3″x4-7/8″. From Creepy #58 (1973).
Pg 125: Opening page of “Pinball Wizard!”. B&W. 3-1/20″x4-3/8″. From Creepy #66 (1976).
Pg 130: 5 photos (each 1-7/8″x1-1/2″) of Richard Corben with Will Eisner and Jim Warren.
Caption: In 1975, Jim Warren threw a fancy dinner party in honor of two of the company’s more prestigious contributors. Will Eisner and Richard Corben.
Pg 131: Cover of Comix International #3 (1975). B&W. 2-9/10″x3-17/20″.
Pg 145: “The Odd World of Richard Corben – Five Questions for Gore”. An interview by Jon B. Cooke
Pg 145: “Within You… Without You”. B&W. 4-5/8″x6-1/10″. Cover of Eerie #77 (1976).
Pg 177: “In Deep”. B&W. 4-2/5″x6-1/6″. Pict for cover of Creepy #101 (1978).
Hard Bound edition also contains articles: “Web of Horror”, by Mark Burby, other horror magazines before and after Warren, by David Roach, collecting Warren magazines, by Doug Sulipa.


(?) 1986. William Dietz. Paperback. Ace. [ober] Cover Art: “Warworld”

W.B. Dubay’s The Rook Archives

W.B. Dubay’s The Rook Archives

El Wendigo SPA

We Still Live #1 Pub

(?) 1972. Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society. [ober] Picts for Burroughs stories (with Herb Arnold)

West of the Sun

July 1980. By Edgar Pangborn. Paperback. Dell. $1.95. 219 pgs. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “West of the Sun” Pict

Whizzard #9

1977. [ober] Critique / profile of Richard Corben (3 pgs). No artwork shown.

The Who’s Who of American Comic Books. 1978 Yearbook

1979-1980. By Jerry Bails. J. Bails, Detroit, Mich. [msu] Pg 4: Entry on Richard Corben.

W[illiam].B. Dubay’s The Rook Archives

W.B. Dubay’s The Rook Archives

Wizard: The Comics Magazine #222B Magazine

Feb. 2010. Wizard. $5.99. [eBay,wiki] Pgs 13-18: The Wizard Profile #13: Richard Corben by Christopher Lawrence.
Plety of exceprts (“Within You Without You”, “Bigfoot”, “Banner”, Hellboy, “House on the Borderland”) and covers (Heavy Metal, Creepy, Death Rattle, Eerie).
Aka Wizard: The Guide to Comics aka Wizard: The Magazine of Comics, Entertainment and Pop Culture (235 issues from July 1991 to Jan. 2011).

The Wizard of Anharite

1980. By Colin Kapp. Paperback. Ace. $1.95. 245 pgs. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “The Slave Girl (FiF, pg 163, Art2, pg 28, CI-card #71) Pict

No Corben cover!Women in the Comics

1977. By Maurice Horn. Chelsea House, New York. [msu] Pg 211. Index entry on Richard Corben.

Wonderworld #7

(?) Formerly Graphic Story World. [ober] Richard Corben included.

No Corben cover!Wonderworld #9 (Vol. 3, #1)

Aug. 1973. Richard Kyle, Long Beach, CA. 8-1/2″x11″. 44 pgs. [ober,eerie53,ebay] Pg 37: one paragraph comment (biographical sketch) by Clay Geerdes.
An interview with Richard Corben by Clay Geerdes (2 pgs). A comic strip “Bernard Prince The Victims” by Hermann and Greg (8 pgs). An article by Russ Manning on the old publisher Dell Comics (2 pgs). Penn & Chris strip by Dan Spiegel (5 pgs). Letters column with letters by George Metzger, Art Spiegelman, Jim Jones and others. [eBay]

No Corben cover!The World Encyclopedia of Comics

1) 1976. Ed. Maurice Horn. Chelsea House, New York. Hard Bound. [ober,msu] Pg 178: Index entry on Richard Corben.
Pgs 179, 367. “Rowlf” by Richard Corben.

No Corben cover!2) 1999. Ed. Maurice Horn. Chelsea House, Philadelphia. [msu] Pgs 213-214: Entry on Richard Corben.

No Corben cover!World of Fandom Mazazine Vol. 2, #9

Spring 1990. Al Shevy and Chris Mygrant, publishers. World of Fandom Magazine, PO Box 9421, Tampa, FL 33604. [ober] Pgs 34-35: Interview (see the interviewPict Pict

No Corben cover!World of Fandom Mazazine Vol. 2, #31

Winter/Spring 1998. Al Shevy, editor. World of Fandom Magazine, PO Box 9421, Tampa, FL 33604. [ober] Pgs 100-103: Interview by John Kelly Pict Pict Pict
Pg 100: “Razar Leads His Horse” [Mirkwood Times #4 (1973)]
Pg 101: “How Howie Made It in the Real World” (excerpt)
Pg 103: “Sabertooth”

World of the Lone Wolf Gamebooks

#1: Grey Star the Wizard
#2: The Forbidden City
#3: Beyond the Nightmare Gate
Original series: Lone Wolf Gamebooks

Wrack and Roll

By Bradley Denton. 1986. Paperback. Popular Library/ Questar. [ober,ebay] Cover Art: “Wrack and Roll” (Art1, pg 32, CI-card #73) Pict

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