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X-Men Soul Killer [NOVEL]

Feb. 1999. By Richard Lee Byers. Paperback. Berkeley Boulevard Books. $6.99. 296 pgs. [ober,isfdb]Cover Art: “X-Men Soul Killer” [PICT]

X-Ray Delta One – Special Edition #1 [PUBLICATION]

16 pgs. Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, Independence, MO, Jan. 1972. [ober]Pg 2, lower left: “Dejah Thoris”, with Herb Arnold [PICT]
Pg 4, lower right: “Tars Tarkas, Profile”, with Herb Arnold, Herb’s initials showing (ERBdom #57) [PICT]
Pg 5: “Martian Monster Battle”, with Herb Arnold [PICT]
Pg 6, lower left: “Woola”, with Herb Arnold [PICT]
Pg 6, upper right: “Ras Thavas”, with Herb Arnold [PICT]
Pg 8, top: “Martian Lineup”, with Herb Arnold [PICT]
Pg 8, bottom left: “Tars Tarkas with Sword and Pistol” [PICT]

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