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Robot Worm0X [Zero X] Novel

By Piers Anthony.
1) Feb. 1976. Hard Bound. Nelson Doubleday SFBC. $1.98. 218 pgs. Dustjacket. [isfdb] 2) Aug. 1976. Paperback. Avon. $1.50. 256 pgs. [isfdb] Wraparound cover: “Robot Worm” Pict
Note: title is commonly listed as OX (“oh-ex”), but should be 0X (Arabic zero·Roman ten). (Chapter16: “I am speaking for 0X,” the computer said. “This is the code designation Zero X, or Arabic numeral nothing multiplied by the Roman numeral ten, …”) [wikipedia]

Zivljnje in Tehnika #XLV

Slovenia. May (not June, as printed), 1994. In Slovenian language. [ober] Pg 75: “Retard” (illus. for ‘”Obrok v sili”, by Theodore R. Cogswell)

Zona Cómic Vol. 1 #1 SPA

No Corben cover! No Corben cover! No Corben cover! No Corben cover! No Corben cover! No Corben cover! No Corben cover! No Corben cover! No Corben cover!

Cover (one of alternatives!): “In Deep” Pict
April 2013. Laukatu, Spain. In Spanish. 32[+4] pgs. B&W. [jlmh] Pgs 28-29. Cómic USA: El horror como ejercicio de estilo. A review of “‘Creepy’ presenta… Richard Corben” by Yexus. With three exceprts: face part of the front cover, the oval portarit from the story “Oval Portarit” and a nude girl from “Within You… Without You”.

Zoom #31 French

(?) France. In French. [ober] Interview by Jen-Pierre Dionnet.

Zoom #34 French

1975 (?). France. In French. [plogg] Richard Corben included.

ZozoLala #74 (1994) Dutch

The Netherlands. April/May, 1974. 21,00 x 29,70 cm. In Dutch. [ober,cw] Pgs 8-11: “Een stijl als een televisie upp fyllda te hoge kleur-intensiteit” (transl. “In the Style of Television with High Color Intensity”), by Stanley Winter and Stephen Bissette.
Includes “Up from the Deep” interview, from Comic Book Rebels.

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