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June 2014. [sebastian]Pg 64-66: An article, “Creepy präsentiert… Richard Corden”, by Christian Endres
Pg 64: A photo of Richard Corben by his working desk. B&W.
Pg 64: The cover of the book, “Creepy präsentiert… Richard Corben” (Splitter). Color.
Pg 65: A sample page (pg 1), “A Tangible Hatred”. B&W.
Pg 66: 5 sample pages: “Lycanklutz” (pg 3), “The Raven [I]” (pg 3), “The Low Spar of High Heeled Noise!” (pg 1), “The Hero Within” (pg 4), The Butcher, “Forgive Us Our Tresspasses” (pg 1). All color.

Robot Worm
0X [Zero X] [NOVEL]

By Piers Anthony.
1) Feb. 1976. Hard Bound. Nelson Doubleday SFBC. $1.98. 218 pgs. Dustjacket. [isfdb]2) Aug. 1976. Paperback. Avon. $1.50. 256 pgs. [isfdb]Wraparound cover: “Robot Worm” [PICT].
Note: title is commonly listed as OX (“oh-ex”), but should be 0X (Arabic zero·Roman ten). (Chapter16: “I am speaking for 0X,” the computer said. “This is the code designation Zero X, or Arabic numeral nothing multiplied by the Roman numeral ten, …”) [wikipedia]

Zivljnje in Tehnika #XLV [PUBLICATION] [SLOVENIA]

Slovenia. May (not June, as printed), 1994. In Slovenian language. [ober].
Pg 75: “Retard” (illus. for ‘”Obrok v sili”, by Theodore R. Cogswell)

Zona Cómic Vol. 1 #1 [PUBLICATION] [SPAIN]

Cover (one of alternatives!): “In Deep” [PICT].
April 2013. Laukatu, Spain. In Spanish. 32[+4] pgs. B&W. [jlmh]Pgs 28-29. Cómic USA: El horror como ejercicio de estilo. A review of “‘Creepy’ presenta… Richard Corben” by Yexus. With three exceprts: face part of the front cover, the oval portarit from the story “Oval Portarit” and a nude girl from “Within You… Without You”.


(?) France. In French. [ober].
Interview by Jen-Pierre Dionnet.


1975 (?). France. In French. [plogg].
Richard Corben included.


The Netherlands. April/May, 1974. 21,00 x 29,70 cm. In Dutch. [ober,cw].
Pgs 8-11: “Een stijl als een televisie upp fyllda te hoge kleur-intensiteit” (transl. “In the Style of Television with High Color Intensity”), by Stanley Winter and Stephen Bissette.
Includes “Up from the Deep” interview, from Comic Book Rebels.

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