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1986 International Corben Calendar

1986 International Corben Calendar


1985. Catalan. 13″x16″. Glossy golor on stock. [ober,presped,bob]

Cover and March: “Wizard’s Dreams”
1 plate. a[art2, pg 63, CI-card #65]-Richard Corben.

Jan.: “The Snow Creature”
1 plate. a[FiF, pg 177, art2, pg 23, CI-card #P2]-Richard Corben.

Feb.: “Abominable Snowman”
1 plate. a[FiF, pg 123, CI-card #9, The Best of Fredrick Brown (1976)]-Richard Corben.

March: (Same as the Cover.)

April: “Zanbar Bone And His Bloodthirsty Moon Dogs”
1 plate. a[CI-card #45, as “Crow and Death”]-Richard Corben.

May: “Jovian Blue Girl”
1 plate. a[art2, pg 49, CI-card #28]-Richard Corben.

June: “A Night on Bald Mountain”
1 plate. a/c/r[Heavy Metal #28 (1979)]-Richard Corben with Rick Courtney. [FiF, pg 155, art2, pg 38-39, CI-card #7]

July: “Lizard King”
1 plate. a/c/r[Island of the Lizard King (1985)]-Richard Corben. [art2, pg 55, CI-card #48]

Aug.: “Bodyssey [VERS.1]”
1 plate. a-Richard Corben.

Sept.: “Electric Canes”
1 plate. a[art1, pg 35]-Richard Corben.

Oct.: “The Point Man”
1 plate. a[FiF, pg 179]-Richard Corben.

Nov.: “The Slave Girl”
1 plate. a[FiF, pg 163, art2, pg 28-29, CI-card #71, as “Slave Market”]-Richard Corben.

Dec.: “Wizard’s Closet”
1 plate. a[art2, pg 53, CI-card #10]-Richard Corben.

1986 Corben International Calendar

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