The Red Queen

The Red Queen aka Keeth-Ren is an evil sorceress who wants to rule NeverWhere. World: NeverWhere “Neverwhere” aka “Den [I]”: An evil sorceress who wants to rule NeverWhere with the help of a Locnar scepter. Tries to scrafice Kath to Uluhtc. Had an relationship with Uncle Dan. She is talking about a double of Keeth-Ren.. read more →


Ord. World: NeverWhere “Neverwhere” aka “Den [I]”: The Red Queen‘s soldiers who was sent with Dorx after Den to kill him after the Queen realized the Loc-Nar scepter was stolen [pgs 57-58]. read more →

Indian Girl

Indian Girl. World: NeverWhere “Den [the Short Story]”: A naked girl with noisy heading, lives in symbiotic relationship wih a Dragon. Met Den and the Lizardman. “Neverwhere” aka “Den [I]”: Same as “Den [the Short Story]”. read more →


Uluhtc. World: NeverWhere | Dremurth “Neverwhere” aka “Den [I]” []: A magic monster that lurks in deep waters. The Red Queen used to give sacrifices to. Pay attention Uluhtc is an anagram of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu! “Den II” []: Uluhtc was briefly mention in the beginning while Zeg repeats the happenings four years earlier [pg.. read more →

23 Jul 2019
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Azmoduc. World: NeverWhere “Den II” [map]: City in the South East of NeverWhere, on an island on a mouth of Gulf of Azmot. read more →

Gulf of Azmot

Gulf of Azmot. World: NeverWhere “Den II” [map]: A huge gulf in the South East part of NeverWhere. read more →


Ard. World: NeverWhere “Neverwhere” aka “Den [I]”: A sorcerer who is rich and he wants to have the magic Locnar scepter to rule the NeverWhere. He kidnaps Kath for Den to get scepter to him. He’ll do the same with Kang‘s family. He wants to sacrifice Kath to Uluthc. Ard cannot be killed by fire.. read more →


Anglon. World: NeverWhere “Den II” [map]: City in Southern NeverWhere. read more →

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