The Red Queen

The Red Queen aka Keeth-Ren is an evil sorceress who wants to rule NeverWhere. World: NeverWhere “Neverwhere” aka “Den [I]”: An evil sorceress who wants to rule NeverWhere with the help of a Locnar scepter. Tries to scrafice Kath to Uluhtc. Had an relationship with Uncle Dan. She is talking about a double of Keeth-Ren.. read more →

The Bandit Girl

The Bandit Girl. World: Razar the Unhero “Razar the Unhero”: tricks Razar the Unhero, make love with him and falls in love. Works for Chargrue. read more →


Opey. “Cidopey”: a bald naked partner for Cid, fights with Furry Backed Gore Gobbler. read more →

Indian Girl

Indian Girl. World: NeverWhere “Den [the Short Story]”: A naked girl with noisy heading, lives in symbiotic relationship wih a Dragon. Met Den and the Lizardman. “Neverwhere” aka “Den [I]”: Same as “Den [the Short Story]”. read more →

Lady Ellen

Lady Ellen. “The Beast of Wolfton”: a Saxon wife of Sir John of Lasiter, who is a cousing of Lord Lasiter, in a land of Wolfton. Has a servant Marta. Was kidnapped by the beast, who she killed, lost in woods, lost her mind, gave birth to a strange child. read more →


Edyl. “The Temple”: a bald naked Eve with a company of Arnie, lives in Eden and meets Mother & Snake. She becomes a Muskrat. read more →


Uldro. “Belzon’s Treasure”: with the God of Seth, a guardian of treasures of the Queen Dulor in Egyptian desert, met George Belzon. read more →


Alice. “Alice in Wonderlust“: Alice in lusty Wonderland. read more →

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