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Corben Index


Der Corben Index – Ein Fanprojekt

By Sebastian F. Otten (Producer). Comicographie. Glossy color on white: Hard Bound. [id]

Der Corben Index, Book #1: Corben Short Story Index / Alle deutschen Kurtzgeschichten

June 2013. 108[+12] pgs. €29.00. In German language!
Each page contains a lot color/B&W excerpts.

“Treed by Triceratops”
Front Cover Art. a/r[art1, pg 16-17, Eerie #77 (1976)]-Richard Corben. Duotone colors.
“Laural-Li’s Intro #2”
Back Cover Art. a/r[Weirdom Illustrated #13 (1969)]-Richard Corben. Color.

Pg 3: Vorwort by Sebastian F. Otten. Forewords.
Pgs 4-6: Anmerkungen zu Richard V. Corben. Richard Corben, the comic artist.
Pgs 7-83: Bücher. The Corben short story index by books.
Pgs 86-87: “At one time my goal was to create a story that is like watching a movie paper.” An interview with Richard Corben, interviewed by Sebastian Otten (interviewed in early summer 2012).
Pg 88-101: Corben Short Story Index. Indexes all Corben stories by year. List starts with a Corben perioids created by me. :7
Pg 102-103: Auflistung aller Texter. Index for comic story writers.
Pg 104-105: Werbung. Advertising.
Pg 106: Sachregister der Stories. The story index.

Pg 11: Will Eisner über Richard Corben. Forewords by “Die außergewöhnliche Welt des Richard Corben”, Volksverlag 1977, sprachliche Ungenauigkeiten wurden beseitigt.
Pg 16: Warren Publishing. Sources: Rraah! #31 (May 1995),
Pg 17: Bruce Jones. Sources, documents: Interview with Richard Arndt, 2008 (, “Twisted Tales and Green Giant” by Jason Aaron (
Pgs 18-25: Die Indizierungen der Bundesprüfstelle (transl. ‘The indexing of the federal inspection’, i.e. about censorship with Mr. Corben’s comics).
Pg 29: Edgar Allan Poe – Mitbegrüder des Phantastischen
Pg 33: Die Zensur eines Klassikers – Poe wird beschnitten. Text from “Erzählungen in zwei Bänden”, 1965, Nymphenburger, pg 120 (about Poe classics by Corben).
Pg 40: Was sind Short Storys? What does it mean, “short stories”.
Pgs 46-47: Hunde und Wölfe in schwarz-weiß und in Farbe. Rowlf and The Beast of Wolfton.
Pg 51: To Meet the Faces You Met before – Stereotypen im Werk von Corben: Gesichter. About the stereotypical faces by Corben (Hard John Apple vs. Bloodstar vs. Jeremy Brood vs. Ghost Rider).
Pg 53: Vorlagen. About clay models.
Pg 55: Ja, bin Ich im falschen Film…? About the use of “camera” in Corben’s comics.
Pg 57: Zeitreisen und Dinosaurier. Time travel and dinosaurs (Bruce Jones and Ray Bradbury).
Pg 60: Twisted Tales (Pacific Comics)
Pg 62: Der Volksverlag. Sources: “Fortsetzung folgt – Comic-Kultur in Deutschland, by Andreas C. Knigge, Heyne, May 1986. About the German Corben publisher.
Pgs 65-66: “Man ist ja nie zufrienden” – Die Bildbearbeitungen durch Corben (The Secret of Zokma”. About the recreated reprints, i.e. The Secret of Zokma.
Pg 75: Cover für Schwermetall. Covers #3, #6, #26, #30, #45, #48, #50, #69 by Corben.
Pg 78: Die Übersetzungen. Translations.
Pgs 84-85: “Helden”-Bilder – Systemkritik oder Superhelden-Verriss? Heroes – critic for system or super horoes?
Pg 86: Warren Awards
Pg 87: Cover-Art für Creey. Covers #101, #112, #132, “140, #141, #146 by Corben.
Pg 92: Internetrecherche. A short introduction for and

On pg 1: “Index aller Corben-Short Stories und Auflistung aller in deutscher Sprache erschienenen Kurtgeschichten von Richard Corben.” (Transl. ‘Indexes all Corben Short Stories and lists all published short stories by Richard Corben in German language.’)
On pg 1: “Ein Fan-Projekt. Dieses Buch dient rein bibliographischen Zwecken. De ist keine Verkaufs-, Bestell- oder Versandliste. Die Rechte der Abbildungen liegen bei Richard Corben und den jeweiligen Verlagen und / oder Autoren.” (Transl. ‘A fan project. This book is for bibliographic purposes only. Not for sale, order, or packing list. The rights for illustrations are by Richard Corben and their respective publishers and / or authors.’)

Der Corben Index, Book 2: Die grossen Epen / Alle deutschen Comic-Romane

Transl. The Great Epics.
Suppoused to come out in Nov. 2013, but was pushed to April 22, 2014. 92 [+8] pgs. €29.80. In German language!
Each page contains a lot color/B&W excerpts.

“Mutant Bear”
Front Cover Art. a/r[FiF, pg 184, CI-card #P5]-Richard Corben. Duotone colors.
“Pilgor and the Snake Women”
Back Cover. a/r[art1, pg 21, The Bodyssey (1993, Fantagor)]-Richard Corben (1990). 6-3/4″x10-7/8″. Color.

Pg 3: Vorwort by Sebastian F. Otten. Forewords.
Pgs 4-7: Bloodstar
Pgs 8-13: Neue Geschichten aus 1001 Nacht. New Tales of the Arabian Nights/The Lost Voyage of Sindbad.
Pg 14: Jan Strnad. Several sources, among others The Interview with Jan Strnad by SidSid Keränen.
Pgs 15-18: Mutanten Welt. Mutant World.
Pgs 19-23: Die Indizierung der Bundesprüfstelle. The indexing of the federal inspection for Mutant World.
Pgs 24-27: Jeremys große Reise. Jeremy Brood.
Pg 28: Cover-Art, Teil 1: Musik. Album covers.
Pg 29: Die Gewalt im Werk von Corben. Violence in Coben’s work. Excerpts from House on the Borderland, Banner, Starr the Slayer and A Memory.
Pgs 30-32: Pilgor. Pilgor/The Bodyssey.
Pg 33: Pilgor, der Plünderer. Der Traum von magischen Planeten. Pilgor short story.
Pg 34: Corben – Trading Cards
Pgs 35-37: RIP in Time
Pgs 38-40: Vic und Blood. Vic and Blood.
Pg 41: Cover-Art – Teil 2: Bücher. Book covers.
Pg 42: Impressionen. Nude model drawings.
Pgs 43-46: Der Sohn der Mutanten Welt. Son of Mutant World.
Pg 47: Kolorierungsprobleme in der Mutanten Welt. Coloring problem with Son of Mutant World.
Pg 48: Wie rettet man Ertrinkende? – Die Variation eines alten Themes. How to save th drowning man? Kath/The Red Queen saving Den vs. Dimentia saving a drowning man.
Pgs 49-51: Aliens: Alchemie. Aliens: Achemy.
Pgs 52-54: Hellblazer: Hard Time
Pg 55: Brian Azzarello. Combination of several sources (among others wikipedia).
Pgs 56-57: Banner
Pg 56: Hulk in Deutschland. Hulk in Germany.
Pg 57: Startling Stories
Pgs 58-59. Cage
Pg 60: Interview mit Brian Azzarello. Interviewed by Tom Waters.
Pg 60: Rote Ernte – Der Schlüssel zu Azzarellos Cage. Red harvest – The key to Azzarello’s Cage. Source: wikipedia.
Pgs 61-62: Punisher: The End
Pg 63: Cover-Art – Teil 3: Film-Plakate. Film posters. Source:
Pg 64: Das Monster aus dem Nichts by Andreas Alt (2009). The monsters from nowhere.
Pgs 65-67: Bigfoot
Pgs 68-70: Hellboy – Makoma
Pg 71: Mike Mignola
Pgs 72-73: Ghost Rider: Ein höllscher Preis. Ghost Rider: Hell to Pay.
Pg 74: Cover-Art -Teil 4: Coverzeichner for hire. Cover artist for hire.
Pgs 75-77: Hellboy: Der Krumme. The Crooked Man.
Pgs 78-80: Conan: Cimmeria
Pg 81: Hellboy: Mensch sein. Being human.
Pgs 82-83: Hellboy: Haus der lebenden Toten. House of the Living Dead.
Pgs 84-89: Corben Story Index (Gesamtausgaben). List of all stories.
Pg 90: Auflistung aller Texter. Story writers.
Pg 91: Sachregister der Storys. Table of content.

Pg 4: Robert E. Howard
Pgs 5-6: Richard Corben über Bloodstar. An excerpt (the Bloodstar part) from Heavy Metal interview by Bradfour.
Pg 8: Richard Corben über Geschichten aus 1001 Nacht. An excerpt (the Arabian Nights part) from Heavy Metal interview by Bradfour.
Pg 12: Maxfield Parris comparing
Pg 13: “House of the Living Dead” – Die Faszination der Untoten. The fasination for the undead.
Pgs 15-23: Mutanten Welt. Mutant World.
Pgs 15-16: Richard Corben über “Mutanten Welt”. The Mutant World introduction.
Pgs 16-17: Jan Strnad über “Mutanten Welt”. The Mutant World introduction.
Pg 23: Elke Monssen-Engberding.
Pg 25: Jan Strnad über Jeremy Brood. The Interview with Jan Strnad by SidSid Keränen.
Pgs 26-27: “Meister Corben”. Forewords by Raymond Martin, from Schwermetall #48 (Jan. 1984).
Pg 30: “Schlackernde Geschlechtsteile”. Flapping genitals.
Pg 37: Richard Corben über “Rip in Time”. Note from Rip in Time #5, pg 28.
Pg 38: Luxusausgabe. Luxus print.
Pg 40: Harlan Ellison über Vic + Blood. Some afterthoughts from the book.
Pgs 43-44: Jan Strnad über “Mutant World”. The Interview with Jan Strnad by SidSid Keränen.
Pg 51: Richard Corben über “Aliens: Alchemy”. Interview by Bruce Costa.
Pg 52: John Constantine – Hellblazer
Pg 54: Alan Moore über “Hard Time”. The backcover of German edition.
Pg 56: Hulk in Deutschland. Hulk in Germany.
Pg 57: Startling Stories
Pg 58: Wer ist Luke Cage? Who is Luke Cage?
Pgs 65-67: “Es würde mir gefallen an Bigfoo zu glaube”. Richard Corben interviewed by Christian Endres. I’d like to believe the existence of Bigfoot. Fr. Bigfoot (2009).
Pgs 68-69: Mike Mignola über Makoma
Pgs 69-70: “Wir sollten dankbar sein für so begabte Kerle wie Mike Mignola”, Richard Corben interviewed by Christian Endres. “We should be grateful for such talented guys like Mike Mignola”.
Pg 72: “Ghost Rider”
Pg 76: Mike Mignola über “Der Krumme”. From Hellboy #11 (2010).
Pg 77: Richard Corben über “Der Krumme”. From Hellboy #11 (2010).
Pg 78: Conan
Pg 83: Widmung von Mike Mignola. Mike Mignola’s dedacation.

Der Corben Index – Ein Fanprojekt Book 3: Das Den-Universum / Comics, Filme und Fragmente

(The Den Universe). Suppoused to come out May 2015, but was pushed to Dec. 14, 2015. 116 [+8] pgs. €34.80. In German language!
Each page contains a lot color/B&W excerpts.

“Mal vs. Hydra”
Front Cover Art. a/r[DenSaga #4 (1994)]-Richard Corben. Duotone colors.
“Den with Kath on Knees”
Back Cover Art. a/r[Den 2: Muvovum (1984)]-Richard Corben. Color.

Pg 3: Vortwort by Sebastian F. Otten. Forewords.
Pg 6: Richard Corbens erste Veröffentlichte Arbeit by Jörg Winner. The first published works by Richard Corben.
Pgs 7-9: Neverwhere – The Movie (1968)
Pgs 10-11: Richard Corbens Arbeiten in amerikanischen Fanzines by Jörg Winner. Fanzines.
Pgs 12-13: Den. Den [I] in Grim Wit #1 (1973).
Pgs 14-16, 18-26: Den I – Neverwhere (1978). Reprinted Den [I].
Pgs 15-16: Richard Corben über Den. An excerpt (the Den part) from Heavy Metal interview by Bradfour.
Pg 17: Aus dem Vorwort von Den I by Philip José Farmer. Forewords by Philip José Farmer from Den I [1984, Catalan].
Pgs 27-30: Interview mit Raymond Martin. Interviewed by Sebastian Otten. Raymond Matin was running Vorlagen which printed the first Corben stories.
Pg 31: Corbens Illustrationen zu John Carter. The cover art and illustrations for Llana of Gathol and John Carter of Mars book (1977).
Pgs 32-33: Burroughs / Carter – Corben / Den by Detlef Lorenz. Comparing John Carter by E.R. Burroughs with Den by Richard Corben.
Pgs 34-42: Heavy Metal – The Movie (1981)
Pg 39: Richard Corben über Heavy Metal. An excerpt (the Heavy Metal the Movie part) from Heavy Metal interview by Bradfour.
Pg 43: Simon Revelstroke – Der Ghost-Writer Who is the ghost rider Simon Revelstroke? Is he a real person or pseudonym for Richard Corben?
Pgs 44-45, 47-49: Den II – Muvovum (1987)
Pg 46: Aus dem Vorwort von Den II by Maurice Horn. Forewords by Maurice Horn from Den II (1987, Hard Bound version only).
Pg 48: Raymond Martin über Den II. Raymond Martin about Den II.
Pgs 50-54: Interview mit Gerhard Förster – “Als ich es lernte, versuchte ich krampfhaft, positiv zu denken”. Interview with a letterist Gerhard Förster in June 2014.
Pgs 55-63: Den III – Children of Fire (1987/1988)
Pg 64: Portrait: Lovecraft – Supernatural Horror by Nils Faulenbach.
Pgs 65-68: Referenzen in Corbens Werk: an andere, an sich und von anderen. References to the other arts in Richard Corben’s works.
Pgs 69-73: Den IV – Dreams (1988)
Pgs 74-75: Karen Gilbertson – Vorbild und Model für Kath und andere Frauen Ende der 70er Jahre. Karen Gilbertson, the Corben model.
Pgs 76-78: Interview mit José Villarrubia – Farbrestauration als Aufgabe. An interview with José Villarrubia, the Corben colorist and restorer.
Pgs 79-84: Den V – Elements (1988/1989)
Pgs 85-86: Corben – Trading Cards, Den Motive
Pgs 87-88: Interview mit Andreas C. Knigge. Interview with Andreas C. Knigge (the creator of Die phantastische Welt des Richard Corben series).
Pgs 89-94: Den VI – DenSaga (1992-1994)
Pgs 95-98: Nackte Tatsachen – Gedanken zu Legenden über das Werk Corbens. The nakedness in Corben’s works.
Pg 97: Richard Corben über Frauen und Nacktheit. An excerpt (the part where Richard Corben was talking about nakedness and women) from Heavy Metal interview by Bradfour.
Pgs 99-102: Den VII – Denz (1996)
Pg 102: Jan Strnad über “Denz” (Interview mit SidSid Keränen). The Interview with Jan Strnad (the part he was talking about Denz).
Pgs 103-104: Flüge in einen Prozess – Anmerkungen zur Produktion von Flights into Fantasy by Fershid Bharucha). The story what happened during the process of making Flights into Fantasy told by Fershid Bharucha [Flights into the Trials and Tribulations with Spanish customs (2015)].
Pgs 105-107: Cover-Art: Bücher
Pgs 108-114: Corben Story Index: Aktualisierungen und Ergänzungen
Pg 115: Denaeus in Hell. A possible future-coming stories from Richard Corben’s website (Summer 2015)

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