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Cozmic Comics

Cozmic Comics

1972. Cozmic Comics/H. Bunch Associates [UK]. 2p. 52 pgs. No reprints. [comixjointcom,gcd].
Reprints Skull Comics, Funny World, Your Hytone Comix, Young Lust, etc.
Cozmic Comics appeared in 6 issues (1972-1974).

Cozmic Comics Lem

“Cozmic Comics Lem”
A small excerpt of the story on a cover. Lem’s face from the last frame of pg 2. Color.
Not colored by Richard Corben.

“Lame Lem’s Love” [SYNOPSIS].
8 pgs: pgs 8-15. s/a/r[Skull Comix #2(1970)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

Others: Robert Crumb, Bill Griffith, John Fawcett, Ed Barker, Greg Irons, Dave Sheridan, Tom Veitch, Ron Beddall, and an unknown contirbutor.

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