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Graphic Gallery

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Russ Cochran. [ober]

Graphic Gallery #3

1974. Russ Cochran. Route One, Adel IA 50003. 64 pgs.
A fully illustrated catalog of fine original artwork for sale. Includes work by Carl Barks, Cliff Sterrett, George Herriman, Hal Foster, Frank Frazetta, Phil Davis, C.C. Beck, Burne Hogarth, Milton Caniff, Reed Crandall, and others. Cover art by Foster.

“Star Beat” [SYNOPSIS] (?)
s/a-Richard Corben. Pg 8 only?

“Rawth Battles”
Pg 43. a-Richard Corben. Full page excerpt (see next).

“Torman and Stella”
Pg 43. a-Richard Corben. Full page excerpt (see prev.).

Graphic Gallery #5

1975. 68 pgs. [ebay].
Incl. Barks, Frazetta, Wrightson, George Herriman, Schultz, McManus, Caniff, etc.

No Corben invloved (no matter somebody tried to sell this publication in eBay with Corben mention)!

Graphic Gallery #6

1975. Russ Cochran. 72 pgs (?). [ecm,ober,].
Incl. also Frank Frazetta, Carl Barks, Michael Kaluta, Berni Wrightson, Walt Kelly, Milton Caniff, Raymond, George Herriman, Harold Foster, Harvey Kurtzman, etc.

Tarzan: “Chance Meeting! [VERS.2]” [SYNOPSIS].
2 pgs: pgs 34-35. s/a/c/r[Burroughs Bulletin #34 (1974)]-Richard Corben. Color.

Graphic Gallery #7

1976. Russ Cochran, PO Box 437, West Plains MO 65775.

“The Slipped Mickey Click Flip”
Pg 57. a-Richard Corben. Excerpt from the end page.

Graphic Gallery #9

1976. Russ Cochran. 64 pgs. [ober,ebay,].
Incl. also Raymond, George Herriman, Segar, Chic Young, Frank Frazetta, Harold Foster, Burne Hogarth, Disney, Rose O’Neill, Richard Corben, Sterrett, Jesse Marsh, Milton Caniff, others.

“Flying Swordsman” [PICT].
Pg 56. a-Richard Corben.

“Den and Kath Looking Heroic”
Pg 67. a/r[Art of Heavy Metal card #26 (1995)]-Richard Corben.

Graphic Gallery #11

1977. [ober,].
Incl. also Alex Raymond, Barks, Phil Davis, Frank Frazetta, Harold Foster, Raymond, Burne Hogarth, Disney, others.

Statue: nude reclining female.

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