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2000. PirateNet. Web animation. Color. 11x 2 minutes long continuous Flash animation. []

Script/Creator-Jan Strnad. Creator-Richard Corben. Supervising Producer-Andrew Brandou. Director-Danielle Marleau.

Read more in Jan Strnad interview (Feb./March 2001).

Richard Corben did character sheets and other drawings as a base for animation. They never appeared in final animation.


(1 min 0 sec, 787 Kb)

Episode 1

(2 min 50 sec, 813 Kb)
Bludd is a Elephan Man type of retard monstrous kid, who has got an extra ordinary talent to see something no-one else does.

Episode 2

(3 min 10 sec, 1127 Kb)
Instead of school Mother puts Bludd into asylum. Bludd reveals a little bit of his capabilities.

Episode 3

(3 min 0 sec, 1533 Kb)
Bludd is now adult, still in asylum. Doctor makes experiments with special worms. Bludd meets Liluna.

Episode 4

(3 min 0 sec, 2021 Kb)
Liluna has got similar strange dreams. Liluna and Bludd get caught. Bludd opens the gate to the other place.

Episode 5

(3 min 17 sec, 1429 Kb)
The other place has odd environment. Liluna and Bludd will be arrested by aircraft people.

Episode 6

(2 min 6 sec, 1414 Kb)
Bludd ends up to slavery, but Liluna frees him. Aircraft people know sorcerer. Socerer collects special worms.

Episode 7

(2 min 0 sec, 1574 Kb)
They try to get rid of evil socerer but something goes wrong.

Episode 8

(1 min 40 sec, 1837 Kb)
Liluna and Bludd retreat back to asylum. There is a group of lunies, but Bludd’s gift does not effect on them.

Episode 9

(2 min 8 sec, 1579 Kb)
Liluna and Bludd fights bare hands. Doctor excorcise the socerer.

Episode 10

(2 min 3 sec, 1667 Kb)
The socerer beats Liluna and Bludd. Bludd opens the gate to the other world. Police finds unsolved case. Liluna and Bludd are in the other place. web site says:

Andrew Brandou (Supervising Producer)


Andrew Brandou left his position as director of new technology for Nicktoons Animation Studio before coming on to produce all of our current Flash projects. Former color director for Columbia Tri-Star Children’s TV, Brandou has worked on the digital side of animation since 1990.

In his spare time he is an award-winning illustrator for the likes of A&M, Warner Brothers, and Grand Royal records.

Danielle Marleau (Director)

Worked on Heavy Metal I, Secret Railroad I and II and Beware of the Devil… with Vincent Price.

Designed and directed multimedia productions TV5-Europe, Époques et Musique, Play Along with Wimzie, A Surprise for Horace and Princess Sissi and Tempest.

Currently designing a Web Site to be a PBS in 2001 with the animated television series Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat produced in collaboration with the well-known author, Amy Tan (The Joy Luck Club).

Jan Strnad (Creator and Writer)

Author of several graphic novels including Mutant World, Son of Mutant World and The Last Voyage of Sindbad with Richard Corben, three Star Wars graphic novels and others.

Writer of mainstream comics including The Simpsons, Batman, Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many others.

Animation writer for X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers and other action series.

Animation writer for Disney, including Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, Aladdin, TaleSpin and Buzz Lightyear, plus development work on Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop.

Live action television and feature writer for Young Hercules, Judge Dredd and an unproduced pilot for Fox, Secrets of a Small Town.

Writer and story editor for Project GeeKeR animated series.

Author of the novel Risen: A Supernatural Thriller.

Adaptations of works by Harlan Ellison and Keith Laumer.

Webmaster for

Currently writing on the series Harold and the Purple Crayon for HBO.

Richard Corben (Creator)

Featured artist for Heavy Metal magazine (1974-2000).

Horror comic artist for Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella.

International award-winning artist for book covers, movie posters, video sleeves, and record covers, including Meat Loaf’s 1978 classic Bat Out of Hell.

Founder of the Fantagor Press.

Artist for Dark House Comics, Batman (DC), and Penthouse Comix.

Producer of The Dark Planet, Neverwhere, and the 3D animation for Digimation.

Over 30 webrings worldwide.

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