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Totem [SPA]

Translated Corben in Spain

In Spanish.

Totem [SPA]: | #7 | #8 | #11 |
Totem [SPA] extra: especial USA: | #1 | #2 | #3 |
Totem [SPA] el comix: | #58 |


Totem [SPA] SPA


Totem [SPA] #7 SPA


“El secreto de Zokma
Original story: “The Secret of Zokma
s/a/c/r[Weird Fantasies #1 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

Totem [SPA] #8 SPA

“Ogre [1] [SPA]”
Original story: “Ogre [I]”
s-Jan Strnad. a/c/r[1984 #4 (1978)]-Richard Corben. Color.

Totem [SPA] #11 SPA


“El nigromante
Original story: “Necromancer”
7 pgs: pgs 76-82. s/a/r[Grim Wit #1 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

Totem [SPA] extra: Totem especial USA [SPA]

Editorial Nueva Frontera. [sierra]

Thanks to Rafael Alarcón Sierra for his contribution of info for Totem [SPA] extra: Totem especial USA [SPA].

Totem [SPA] extra #1: Totem especial USA [SPA] #1 SPA

114 pgs (?). 200 pesetas.

“His Master’s Voice”
Front Cover Art [Anomaly #4 (1972), art2, pg 5; FiF, pg 9]-Richard Corben. Color.

“Cómo salvar a una doncella”
Original story: “To Spear a Fair Maiden”
8 pgs. s-Jan Strnad, a/c/r[Fantagor #2 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

“En el foso”
Original story: Fantagor Epilogue #1: “Inna Pit”
4 pgs. s/a/r[Fantagor #1 (1970)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

Totem [SPA] extra #3: Totem especial USA [SPA] #2 SPA

114 pgs. 200 pesetas.

Pg 4: “Richard Corben”, by Javier Coma (article with photos and frame samples).

“La historia de Oteg”
Original story: “Story of Oteg”
8 pgs: pgs 5-12. s/a/r[Promethean Enterprises #3 (1971)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

Totem [SPA] extra #8: Totem especial USA [SPA] #3 SPA

114 pgs. 200 pesetas.

“Chard’s Dragon”
Cover Art [Hot Stuf’ #5 (1977), art2, pg 6, FiF, pg 141]-Richard Corben. Color.

Pgs 4-5, 16-17: “Los herederos del gran cambio”, by Javier Coma (article among others about Richard Corben; incl. Corben frame samples).

“Chard [SPA]”
Original story: “Chard”
10 pgs: pgs 6-15. s-Herb Arnold, a/r[Hot Stuf’ #5 (1977)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

Totem el comix [SPA]

Toutain Editor. [esmania]

Totem el comix [SPA] #58 SPA

400 pesetas.

Cover Art [art1, pg 63]-Richard Corben. Color.

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