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1986. Catalan Communications, New York. [ober] 

DragonKiss8/A/1: “Dragon Kiss” (excerpt from “Damsel In Dragon Dress”, pg 2, 2 lowest right corner frames)
8/A/2: “Den Fights” (excerpt from “Den [I]”, Chapter 7, pg 4, the first frame, Red Queen framed out)
DensPunch8/A/3: “Den’s Punch” (excerpt from “Den [I]”, Chapter 9, pg 4, up in the middle, frames 2 and 3)
Bat8/A/4: “Bat” (excerpt from “Den [I]”, Chapter 3, pg 3, the right middle frame)
DramitesFight8/A/5: “Dramites in Flight” (excerpt from “Den [I]”, Chapter 5, pg 2, the middle frame)
Dimento8/A/6: “Dimento” (excerpt from “Mutant World”, pg 62 of the extented version, three first middle frames)

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