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Science Fiction Book Club flyers [MISCS]

Science Fiction Book Club. [ober]

Feb. 1974
“Neverwhere Castle”

May 1974
“Alien Wedding” (promo for book ‘Wandering Stars’)
Illustration was used only in this promo flyer, not for the actual book. It was never republished. [ebay]

Nov. 1974
“Deathworld Trilogy”

Spring 1975
“Lizardman And Crows”

July 1975
“Enchanted Pilgrimage”

Sept. 1975
“Cosmic Monster”

Nov. 1975

Feb. 1976
“Robot Worm”

Spring 1976
“To Serve Man”

Jan. 1977
“Abominable Snowman” [
The Best of Fredric Brown (1976)

May 1977
“Thark Battle”

Sept. 1977

Feb. 1978
“Dino Hunter”

Nov. 1978

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