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Solo #2

Dec. 22nd, 2004. DC Universe. $4.95. 48 pgs. [id]Originally planned to be in Solo #1, but was pushed to the #2.

Includes five horrifying tales of terror, suspense, intrigue and action: a mummy in ancient Egypt, the trenches of a futuristic war, a six-shooter for a good old-fashioned western, and about the plague! And with writer John Arcudi for a not-so-solo story of the Spectre, Jim Corrigan!

See also Coloring “From the Pit”.

“Solo #2 [Color]”
Front Cover Art -Richard Corben. Color.

“Solo #2 [B&W]”
1 pict: Back Cover Art & pg 2. a-Richard Corben. B&W.
Black line art (same as Front Cover Art).

“Untitled (Cyclop pict)”
1 pict: Inner Front Cover. a-Richard Corben. B&W.
Black line art. Cyclop character lurking behind stone.

“Untitled (Homecoming pict)”
1 pict: Inner Back Cover. a-Richard Corben. B&W.
Black line art. Two riding men with moustashes (The Clebbers?).

Pg 48: A brief biography with B&W photo of Mr. Corben drawing in black and white “Cyclops!” page 2 using a mirror and a hand-made clay model of one of the masked figure.

“Belzon’s Treasure” [SYNOPSIS].
12 pgs: pgs 3-14. s/a/c-Richard Corben (© 2003).

“Cyclops!” [SYNOPSIS].
5 pgs: pgs 15-19. s/a/c-Richard Corben (© 2002).

“Homecoming” [SYNOPSIS].
5 pgs: pgs 20-24. s/a/c-Richard Corben (© 2003).

“The Plague” [SYNOPSIS].
12 pgs: pgs 25-36. s/a/c-Richard Corben (© 2002).

The Spectre: “A Missing Life” [SYNOPSIS].
11 pgs: pgs 37-47. s-John Arcudi. a-Richard Corben (© 2003). c-Dave Stewart. l-Jack Morelli.

Copyright © 2004 Heart-Attack-Series, Ink!,
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