Murky World [II]! Storyline

“Murky World [II]!”

Murky World [II]

8+8+8+8+8+8+8+ pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Heavy Metal #288 (2017) till (2020).
Story/Art: Richard Corben. Color: Undefined. Letters: Undefined.

No known translation.

Murky World [II], Part 1, 8 pgs

Part 1, page 1: Mag the Hag enters the scene though fog. He wants to help sleeping Tugat.
Part 1, page 2: Mag the Hag wakes Tugat and introduces herself as the fairy god mother of Tugat. Tugat is trying to remember something but she points to tangle wood where he supposed to go.
Part 1, page 3: Mag points that Tugat’s goal is to reach Citadel. There is building where he finds everything necessary. But she warns not to go the other one where he can find only trouble. To distract him Mag the Hag kisses him and says about pretty young women who will turn him down. Mag will never do that. Then she gives him a sword and pushes him through tangle woods.
Part 1, page 4: Woods is filled with sinister lurking beasts, tangled swamp trees, poisonous snakes, and a villain who tries to shoot him with poisonous darts.
Part 1, page 5: A green, ugly forest female tries to stop him. Tugat tries to be polite.
Part 1, page 6: Tugat gets angry, and he tries to hit female but she disappears. Tugat wonders weather she was a female.
Part 1, page 7: Tugat reaches the building but that is wrong one. Mag the Hag sees that from distance.
Part 1, page 8: Tugat steps on a secret trap and he will be swing into the building. Inside he confronts a gay masquerade. It says in the bottom of the page: “-with more to come”.

Murky World [II], Part 2, 8 pgs

Part 2, page 1: Mag the Hag repeats shortly what is going on. Tugat confronts a gay masquerade.
Part 2, page 2: Gays invites Tugat to party but he’s is not interested. He wants to go on with his quest.
Part 2, page 3: Tugat wants to talk to the master of the estate. One of guys is sleeping aside. While Tugat goes to him, one of gays stops him, and Tugat get in a fight with him since he calls the gay a bitch.
Part 2, page 4: During fight Tugat takes the mask out of one of gays. He looks like an ugly guy. All party goes take their masks out and they look like as ugly as the first one.
Part 2, page 5: The guy who pretends to sleep was actually a wizard. He turns all his minions into sticks and twigs. For a protection he’s got a not-from-this-world beast Esrig by his side.
Part 2, page 6: The wizard says Tugat has been tricked to his quest, and he is doomed to follow an endless string of futile. Those who he loves dies in pain, cursing him, and the wizard will disappear from before his eyes.
Part 2, page 7: The building around Tugat starts to crumble. He gets outside where he confronts again a green female who throws a dart on him. She demands him to wake up.
Part 2, page 8: The old Tugat wakes up as a young man. A slave girl Moja was waking him up. Moja wants to get rid of metallic collar she’s got around her neck. Mag the Hag is following the scene from distance and points out she warned him to not to trust on pretty young girls. It says in the bottom of the page: “To be continued”.

Murky World [II], Part 3, 8 pgs

Part 3, page 1: A young Tugat helps Moja to get metallic collar out of her neck. She says the slaver kidnapped her, and she escaped. Mag the Hag follows it from distance.
Part 3, page 2: Moja is interested of the young Tugat. He says he is taught by Master Obex. They go back to Obex’s house only to realize it was burning. Obex had said Tugat’s got bad memories buried somewhere deep in him. Some day he will find it out.
Part 3, page 3: Tugat and Moja find a dead zombie warrior by the Obex’s house. Moja knows that they were reanimated by necromancy by warlord. The head is the only vulnerable target on them. Tugat finds also dead Obex.
Part 3, page 4: A man on a horse with zombie warriors enters the scene. Tugat the ward of Master Obex wants to revenge the death of Obex. The zombie warriors attack on him.
Part 3, page 5: Tugat behead attacking zombies. Tugat realizes the man is riding on the mount which should be his, Frix. The man introduces himself as Thur Lon, and he serves Lod Phatuus out of Falmot. He says some renegade outlaw zombies killed Obex, and Thur Lon came too late to save him. He is ready to give the horse to Tugat but he is searching the missing slave. Moja is not around anymore.
Part 3, page 6: Thur Lon tries to get Tugat to Lon Phatuus as a warrior but Tugat doesn’t want, because he thinks Falmot is a bad place and slavery is totally evil. Thur leaves with his zombie army while Tugat goes with Frix to bury Obex.
Part 3, page 7: Tugat riding with Frix meets Moja again.
Part 3, page 8: Thur Lon confronts Tugat, Frix, and Moja with zombie archers. He makes both Tugat and Moja as his slaves, and takes back Frix as his horse. Mag the Hag quotes the ending lines. It says in the bottom of the page: “To be continued in Falmot”.

Murky World [II], Part 4, 8 pgs

Part 4, page 1: After walking three days the company reaches Falmot. Tugat calls his horse by accident as Friz.
Part 4, page 2: Thur Lon has to leave zombie army outside of Falmot since they are not allowed within the city without a special permit. Tugat points out a guy out of the crowd. He does not remember from where but he was the wizard in the beginning of the story.
Part 4, page 3: The slave company walks the streets of Falmot, and passes among others the one eyes giant familiar from “Murky World [I]”, Butterfly.
Part 4, page 4: Tugat says to Moja that the one eyed giant give an eye to him. Thur Lon meets Brek, and leaves his horse and Tugat to him. He brinks Moja to his boss, Lod Phatuus. Lod Phatuus became rich and powerful after conquesting the neighboring tribes of Deka Natives who used to terrorize the Eastern wilderness. He takes a great pleasure to torment the daughters of Deka royalty. Thur Lon wants to give Moja back to Lod Phatuus who is not much interested of her anymore since she is so headstrong.
Part 4, page 5: Thur Lon demands Moja to tell to be sorry for what she harmed Lod Phatuus but Moja only curses at him. Lod Phatuus asks Thur Lon to put Moja to Arena and get rid of her.
Part 4, page 6: Budon and Guno, bodacious twins, are battling buxom, big-boobed babies.
Part 4, page 7: After Budon and Guno’s fight the entire cage tilts down. Tugat curses “Great Thaisidon” (some kind of god). Tugat opens the door and twins escape with Frix, a horse.
Part 4, page 8: Thur Lon comes back with Moja and wants to sell her and Tugat to Brek but Brek wants them for free because of loss of his best fighters Budon and Guno. Mag the Hag end quotes the page. It says in the bottom of the page: “Later at the Barehanded Arena-“.

Murky World [II], Part 5, 8 pgs

Part 5, page 1: Mag the Hag repeats shortly what is going on. The Bare-Hand Arena (this time with “-“, hyphen) is owned by Brek. Brek wants Togo to check Tugat. Togo asks Tugat to hit his jaw.
Part 5, page 2: Togo hits Tugat to the ground, and Tugat runs away from Togo. Brek is not satisfied.
Part 5, page 3: Brek’s got an idea. He will but Tugat and Moja to fight with the monkey, and after that Togo finish the rest. Moja is making fun of Tugat’s escape. Outside the Arena they are advertising the fight with Giant, Monstrous Beast captured on the distant Southern continent of Zoondar. People asks Thur Lon if he is interested, but Thur Lon is more interested of Tugat and Moja.
Part 5, page 4: There is not much entertainment but Arena. Brek introduces the giant, mutant baboon, Ghar Gash. The audience is not interested so Togo shows Moja.
Part 5, page 5: Moja is bound because his previous martial experience. She asks a cloth but Brek refuses. They open the gate of baboon’s cage.
Part 5, page 6: Moja asks baboon to be nice. Baboon comes and licks her thigh.
Part 5, page 7: Brek asks Togo to fight with baboon since audience want their money back. Something fish is going on out of Arena.
Part 5, page 8: Brek steps to Arena by himself. He whips the baboon. It says in the bottom of the page: “To be continued.”

Murky World [II], Part 6, 8 pgs

Part 6, page 1: Moja is bound. Brek wants archers to be ready when he starts to fight with the monkey.
Part 6, page 2: Ghar Gash, the money attacks on Brek’s throat. Archers try to hit on monkey but they hit on Brek instead.
Part 6, page 3: Mag the Hag and audience like the result. Brek curses Thaisidon (some kind of god). The archer shoots arrows far from fighters. Then suddenly arrows hit the monkey.
Part 6, page 4: Thur Lon and the audience command Brek to release the girl. Brek cuts Moja loose.
Part 6, page 5: Moja is fast and agile with strong hands from a lifetime of labor and gripping. Brek can only cut her hair. Archers cannot shoot Moja because she is gripping Brek’s arm and she is under her. Brek cannot do anything. The trap door behind archers opens.
Part 6, page 6: The unknown human from the trap door kills one of archers. The other shoots to Arena but by accident kills Brek. Tugat leaps to Arena in front of Moja.
Part 6, page 7: Tugat throws a cloth on Moja and they escape. Down under the Arena all men are laying on a ground. Tugat says they are sleeping and he and Moja escape the floor hatch.
Part 6, page 8: Tugat and Moja run through tunnels near the gate. Out of the tunnel they run into hands of Thur Lon. Thur Lon calls the Arena as Open Handed Arena. Mag the Hag end quotes the page. There is no writing in the end of the page about continuing since the next chapter will be printed in the same issues as Part 6.

Murky World [II], Part 7, 8 pgs

Part 7, page 1: Time has passed. Tugat walks alone. Mag the Hag talks to Tugat. He remembers her from his dream.
Part 7, page 2: Tugat and Mag the Hag are in remote and lonely Zodan. This time Tugat tells what happened after the end of previous chapter. Thur Lon, Tugat, and Moja went to Graygrin, the estate of Lod Phatuus. He did not see Moja after that. Lod Phatuus is a powerful warlord. He and his daughter Hobia are the sole masters of Graygrin.
Part 7, page 3: Tugat was put as the bodyguard of Hobia. Brutag was the captain of thugs, Lod Phatuus’ stuff. Tugat was standing as a guard.
Part 7, page 4: While Tugat was on guard, he heart a familiar cry and found two enslaved Dekan princesses. Tugat’s mentor Master Obex used to be a close friends of the Dekan tribes. One of princesses recognized Tugat. Dekans speak with sign language.
Part 7, page 5: Hobia hates Dekans (yellow giant captives). She beat one to death. She disgusts them because they are naked. She was talking about One Sidded Battle, and wants Brutag to get rid of them. For Hobia everybody else are lower creatures. Outside Brutag pays attention on Tugat’s fishy doings.
Part 7, page 6: Tugat harnesses two best horses to a wagon for Dekans to escape. Brutag is drunk but attacks. Tugat kills him immediately. Dekans flee North, and Tugat to West.
Part 7, page 7: After three days Tugat turns to North toward ancient Zedon. Zedons talk also sign language and they points to Tugat to the way the dark haired woman was heading before with three companions, on horseback. Zedon were in the kingdom of Zedon abandoned hundreds of years ago. It is said to be inhabited by only demonic scavengers and giant spiders. Tugat could not guess who were three companions of Moja.
Part 7, page 8: Tugat knows that he was followed. Mag the Hag knows to tell that it is Lod Phatuus. She also says there is devious plans working against Tugat. It says in the bottom of the page: “To be continued.”

Murky World [II], Part 8, 8 pgs

Part 8, page 1: Lod Phatuus and his troops reaches the land of the Cludites, religious Zealots who dealt ruthlessly with nonbelievers. They staked out nonbelievers for example for the parasitic blood roots. They did not notice a few more recent evidence of unknown atrocities.
Part 8, page 2: Horses have caught scent of remains of Mugar rebels. Guards left one guarding horses and go on foot towards ancient and ominous araca tree.
Part 8, page 3: Lod Phatuus shouts, “Oh Great Thasidon!” They spot a nude girl tied to the tree. Lod asks guards to cover they eyes in front of a naked his daughter’s naked body. The guard with horses is wondering what was going on.
Part 8, page 4: One of the guard is worried of the danger from any direction. Still Lod Phatuus does not let them look at naked girl. Lod approaches her and realize she is too voluptuous for her daughter.
Part 8, page 5: Lod Phatuus realized she is Moja who asks mercy. An overpowering musty stench make guards to turn they head towards it. Tugat puts a guard down and steals the Lod’s horse and rides toward the tree.
Part 8, page 6: A huge spider monster attacks and kills guards.
Part 8, page 7: Tugat releases tied Moja, and saves both Lod Phatuus and Moja with his horse. They ride away from the tree.
Part 8, page 8: The mammoth arachinoid brings the loot back to it’s lair. Lod asks Tugat about kidnapped Hobia but Tugat does not understand what Lod is talking about. Moja wants Tugat to help Lod to find the daughter. The last text says, “Many twists and turns to come as the plot continues to thicken.”

Murky World [II], Part 9, 8 pgs

Part 9, page 1: The horse guard has left but Tugat manages to get two horses. Mag the Hag explains, Moja, Lod Phaatus and Tugat goes to North into Naughton, the land of towers. The country is infested with carnivorous lower species and the extinct sorcerers.
Part 9, page 2: Tugat remembers his Master Obex’s song, “Only fools tread the soft sands of Naughton, where forgotten towers lurch and the Earth is hungry.”
Part 9, page 3: In a week the small band reaches the towers of Naughton. They find a marker with runic writing. It might be Greeting, and Moja reads it, “Welcome to our friendly country.”
Part 9, page 4: The trio leave horses and enter the doorway. Meanwhile, Thur Lon spots the trio. He is with Hobia, and he was expected to see Mugar Captain. Thur Lon did tied Moja up into the tree and he was expecting to get people killed by the spider. Thur Lon and Hobia has got an argue since Hobia expected to get gold out of his father. They planned it that way.
Part 9, page 5: Moja, Lod and Tugat are at the doorway. There is an another writing. “It means, ‘Danger'”, reads Moja. Tugat reads more, “Wait”, “Gate”, something, “Stay”, “Always”. Tugat and Lod goes inside and Tugat gets upstairs.
Part 9, page 6: Thur Lon attacks Tugat, and they end up to fight.
Part 9, page 7: Both Hobia and Lod hear Tugat and Thur Lon fighting.
Part 9, page 8: Tugat and Thur Lon fight. The last text says, “More violent punching and kicking in store next time right here. Don’t miss it.”

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