Murky World storyline

“Murky World”

Murky World

8+12+4 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Dark Horse Presents vol. 3 #1 to #3 (2011). Reprinted [B&W] in Murky World #1 (2012).
Story/Art: Richard Corben. Letters: Clem Robins.

Italy [ITA]: as “Mondo fango” in Dark Horse Presenta #1 (2011).

  • Part 1(3): Necromancy of Numunda. 8 pgs. B&W.
  • Part 2(3): Tugat’s Treasure. 12 pgs. B&W.
  • Part 3(3): The Sleepers. 4 pgs. B&W.
  • Murky World [II]! Color.
Murky World, Part 1, 8 pgs

Part 1, page 1: A bearded, bald man called Tugat struggles by foot through towering monoliths. His horse Frix is missing. There is a silhuette in the distance.
Part 1, page 2: The gang of strangers appear to be deadlings. Tugat fights with them with bare hands. Suddenly somebody starts to cut deadlings heads off by sword.
Part 1, page 3: The sword swinging new stranger is a bald female called Guno. She promises to find his horse which was stollen by deadlings of Sorgof the necromancer.
Part 1, page 4: Bald and bearded Sorgof the necromancer is watching nude dancing. He starts to interrogate a new one, bald gigant female, Bodon who is not a dancer, don’t want fetch drink, but maybe sweep up the floor.
Part 1, page 5: Guno and Tugat enter Sorgof’s abode. There is the horse but it is guarded by five deadlings. Guno tracks attention of deadlings and they attack on them. While Tugat is fighting with them with a spear and sword Guno disappears.
Part 1, page 6: Guno run inside the house while Tugat hardly defeats deadlings. Tugat reaches his horse.
Part 1, page 7: Tugat runs after Guno. Inside the house they both faces Sorgof and Bodon. Bodon is Sorgof’s new head of security. Bodon is Guno’s sister.
Part 1, page 8: Bodon strangles Sorgof. Guno and Bodon are twins, but Bodon is stubborn and contrary than Guno, says Guno. Guno put Bodon in leach. Bodon is not deadling but under enchantment which will wear off in time. Guno and Bodon want to head South to Falmort to seek occult physician. Tugat rides with Frix and says, Not a change.

Murky World, Part 2, 8 pgs

Part 2, page 1: The Treasure: Guno claims they are just helpless women but Tugat does not believe her. Tugat riding with Frix (with blinded eyes because of wind) and does not want to go to Falmort. The all have eye shades because of blowing sand and wind.
Part 2, page 2: Tugat calls his horse now as Fritz. Guno talks Tugat over to head her way.
Part 2, page 3: Guno shows to Tugat their hidden treasure. Tugat enters the hideway and finds gold, silver, jewelry, and artifacts more than he can carry.
Part 2, page 4: Tugat investicates treasures and starts to wonder if they do not belong to Guno and Bodon. A man is sitting in the carriage pulled by a white haired gigant.
Part 2, page 5: A fat traveller asks his female driver, Butterfly to stop for a break. He steps out of carriage and drinks wine by himself, not giving any for driver. They go on they ride soon.
Part 2, page 6: Tugat comes out of the hideway on to realize Guno, Bodon and Fritz the ride are gone. He damns his stupidity with women again.
Part 2, page 7: A fat man and driver stops to their rest stop. Man has dates, biscuits, and wine. Butterfly, who has only one eye, does not speak but she smells stranger (Tugat in the hideway).
Part 2, page 8: Butterfly finds Tugat in the treasure room. She closes the hideway with a huge stone door and traps Tugat inside. A fat man is hungry. Butterfly servies for him a food. Tugat hit the stone door without help. A fat man is heading to Falmort.

Murky World, Part 3, 8 pgs

Part 3, page 1: The Sleepers: Tugat witnesses while Butterfly kisses a fat man.
Part 3, page 2: Butterfly eats fat man and goes to sleep. Tugat sees everything but cannot escape his hideway.
Part 3, page 3: Butterfly awaks in the morning. She opens the stone door.
Part 3, page 4: Tugat is not with treasures, instead he attacks on Butterfly from back and pushes her down to the treasure dumb. Tugat escapes but he knows that drop will not hold Butterfly for long time.
Part 3, page 5: An idyllic house hold. People are doing their duties. Nobody is really shown on face.
Part 3, page 6: A man and his female companion Loxon are serving their master. Man is taking sand out of empty well and pouring it into jug.
Part 3, page 7: A male and female deadlings serves dry sand to their guest, Tugat. He asks them to bring him to their master. They do that.
Part 3, page 8: Deadlings master is has been dead for long time. Tugat cannot give life back to deadlings but he burns the house hold and damns their sorcerer master.

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