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Alice in Wonderlust

“Alice in Wonderlust”

Alice in Wonderlust

3 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Anomaly #4 (1972) [VERS.1]. Reprinted [B&W] in Richard Corben Complete Works #1 (1985) [VERS.2].
Story: Jan Strand. Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Color: (unknown, not by Mr. Corben). Lettered by hand (Richard Corben [VERS.1], unknown [VERS.2]).

France [FRA]: as “Alice au pays des désirs”, [COLOR] (!) in Actuel [II] #37 (197?), and as “Alice aux saillies s’émerveille” in Horrilor (1977) and L’Echo des savanes spécial U.S.A. [I] #20 (1981).
Germany [GER]: as “Alice in Wonderlust [GER]” in U-Comix Sonderband [GER] #3 (1974).
The Netherlands [NL]: as “Alice in Wonderlust [NL]” in U-Comix Sonderband [NL] #3, and as “Alice in zondeland” in Richard Corben #1 [NL]: Elf Gruwelijke Verhalen (1980).
Spain [SPA]: as “Alicia en el país del vicio” in Corben o la ternura del monstruo (1979), and as “Alicia en el país de la mala vida” in Richard Corben obras completas #3 (1985).

Style: B&W zipatone. Genre: Fantasy/Humour. Time Span: Fairy tale. Nudity: Half naked voluptuous girl.
Keywords: Alice. Horny rabbits.
Synopsis: Alice in Wonderland variation. Alice follows rabbit into his hole, where horny rabbits crab her.
Comment: Very good artwork, Jan Strand’s story has one joke, but the the comic story has got something that keeps it going. It’s a breath taking good. Rabbits crabbing Alice’s voluptuous parts is very succesful single frame.
Alternatives: Art is more or less the same (fading in the end more clearer in [VERS.2]), but text is rewritten during relettering. Story is the same, but some words and expressions are changed.
Alternatives, [COLOR]: Only known existing color version is printed in France, Actuel [II] #37 (197?).
Humour: One of the rabbit has got a kind of hard-on; actually it is a back leg. :7
Extras: The Jan Strnad interview (February, March 2001)

Alice in Wonderlust, 3 pgs

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