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Apposites Attract

Apposites Attract“Apposites Attract”

6 pgs. Appeared first time in Heart Throbs #3 (1999).
Story: Simon Revelstroke. Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Colors: Grant Gelash. Editor: Axel Alonso. Lettering: Comicraft.

ITA ITA: as “Apposites Attract [ITA]”, in Il corvo presenta #43 (1999).
SPA SPA: as “Los opuestos se atraen”, COL in Grande autores de Vertigo: Richard Corben (2015).

Style: Color on black line. Genre: SF. Time Span: Future. Nudity: Half naked voluptuous girls.
Keywords: Love. Planet. Seiren. Call. Hallusination. Nymphs. Burst.
Synopsis: A Siren planet’s call gets boyfriend at its hook. A girlfriend, who has cyclopic eye and tentacle, had to fight for good.
Comment: Beautiful work from Corben. Simon Revelstroke’s story reaches fundamental symbols: Seiren planet equals to female egg and space ship is phallic pleasure maker. It is a neat story, till the big “o” in the end. Corben’s way of using frame positions in this story is again the only way to do it.
True Tales of Heart-Break: “I thought I’d never forget that heartbreaking moment, but I did,” writes Richard Corben “If I hadn’t written it down, it would be gone, absolutely. My notes don’t lie: My wife was kidnapped by aliens, and an android clone was left in her place. I could tell the difference, and I really created a row. The android clone tried to calm me down, but I would have none of it. In a locked room, I wrote these notes, but she broke in and slipped me a mickey. I feel better now, and my former life seems like a crazy, hysterical nightmare. In fact, it’s like I was a different person before. Now we get along well, but we don’t talk much.”
Simon Revelstroke numbers among his greatest heartbreaks: 1) George Lazenby never made another James Bond film; 2) Revelstroke’s autobiography I’m Not Laughting Anymore bombed at the bookstores; and 3) Cher stood him up.

Scanned from Spanish print. Apparently similar with the original English print.

Apposites Attract, SPA, 6 pgs

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