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The Cave of Ancient Fear

The Cave of Ancient Fear

“The Cave of Ancient Fear”

4 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Rip in Time #4 (1987). Reprinted [COLOR] in Heavy Metal Overdrive (1995).
Story/Art: Richard Corben (printed sign © 1987 Richard Corben; in Heavy Metal version, they changed the outlook of text with the result of surname “Corben” went hidden behind frame border!). Color: prob. Beth Croben. Lettering: printed (in Heavy Metal type of text is more modern).

Spain [SPA]: as “La cueva del miedo ancestral” in Rip, tiempo atrás #1 (1987).

Style: Black line with B&W overlay shades / Black line with color. Genre: Fantasy. Time Span: Present day. Nudity: Voluptuous girl.
Keywords: Gangsters. Mob families. Murder. Betrayal. Priest.
Keywords: Deep see diving. Isolated evolution.
Synopsis: A guy and a girl dive to discover a possible isolated evolution, following their friends message. Girl dives too deep.
Comment: Corben’s own story is short and quite average, but tonal B&W artwork is brilliant. Reprinted color version is okay, but not so effective. In reprinted version, last saying is rewritten and there is Corben Studios ad in the end. Pose of diving man with lamp in second page’s last frame has a strong influence of Den adventures.

The Cave of Ancient Fear, B&W, 4 pgs
The Cave of Ancient Fear, col, 4 pgs

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