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Den II: Muvovum

“Den II” aka “Muvovum”

Den II aka Muvovum

101 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Heavy Metal #54 (1981) to #72 (1982). Reprinted [COLOR] in Den 2: Muvovum (1991).
Story/Color/Art: Richard Corben (signed as Richard Corben, © 1980, © 1981, © 1982 (signs partly printed). Lettering: printed.

France [FRA]: as “Den: Seconde époque”, as a 14 part serial in Metal Hurlant #76 (1982) to #89 (1982), and as one in Den: Seconde époque (1983).
Germany [GER]: as “Den [GER] II: Muvovum”, as a 13 part serial from Schwermetall #24 (1982) to #36 (1983), as a 13 part serial from Schwermetall, Sammelband #6 to #9, as “Den [GER] 2”, as one in Den [GER] 2 (1989), as “Sturm über Muvovum”, as one in Die phantastische Welt des Richard Corben #2 (1991).
Italy [ITA]: as “Den II: Muvovum [ITA]”, as a 12 part serial in Alter alter 1/82 to 12/82, and as “Den [ITA] 2”, as one in Den [ITA] 2 (1983).
The Netherlands [NL]: as “Muvovum”, as one in Den [NL] 2.
Spain [SPA]: as “Den [SPA] II”, as a 12 part serial in 1984 [SPA] #35 to #46, and as “Muvovum”, as one in Den [SPA] 2 (1981).
Sweden [SWE]: as “Den [SWE] II: Muvovum”, as a 12 part serial in Tungmetall #36 (3/89) to #47 (5/90).

Style: Full color. Genre: SF/Fantasy. Time Span: Ancient fantasy. Nudity: Full frontal nudity, both males and females.
Keywords: Dream world. Love. Dramites. Betrayal. Magic. Fight for life.
Original Art Plate: 28,7 x 38,8 cm [Source: Angoulême, 2019].
Synopsis: Kath gets bored and she leaves Neverwhere with Den (back to Earth). When they come back to Nevewhere, Tarn is already a leader of Dramites and Dramites are everywhere. Den meets his new friends Zandor and Wyn, and Tarn’s girlfriend Muuta, who is actually after Den.
Comment: Den goes on in Heavy Metal, and with timetable and money of it Den is still brilliant. Corben again in his best (excellent art and very good story).
Extras: Den’s Legacy, a full length run through of entire Den’s adventures (beware a major spoilers!).

Den [II], Part 1, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 2, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 3, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 4, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 5, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 6, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 7, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 8, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 9, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 10, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 11, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 12, 8 pgs
Den [II], Part 13, 5 pgs

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