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Hellboy: The Mirror

Hellboy: The Bride of HellHellboy: “The Mirror

8 pgs. Appeared first time in Serenity: Firefly Class of 03-K64, Free Comic Book Day 2016 (2016). Reprinted Color in Hellboy and the BPRD 1954 (2018).
Story: Mike Mignola. Art: Richard Corben. Color: Dave Stewart. Lettering: Clem Robins.

France [FRA]: as Hellboy [FRA]: “Le Miroir” in Hellboy & BPRD [FRA] 3. 1954 (2018), and in Hellboy par Richard Corben (2019).

Style: Black line with colors. Genre: Super Hero. Time Span: Fantasy/No particular moment of time. Nudity: Undefined.
Keywords: Hellboy.
Synopsis: The story is set in 1954. Hellboy wants to see the haunted mirror.
Comment: Short story made for Free Comic Book Day 2016.

Hellboy: The Mirror, 8 pgs
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