Herbert West: Reanimator, Part 1: From the Dark

Herbert West: Reanimator, Part 1: From the Dark

Reanimator. Original Art Plate

5 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Graphic Classics [#4]: H.P. Lovecraft (2002).
Story: H.P. Lovecraft (edited and abridged by Tom Pomplun). Adpat./Art: Richard Corben. Lettering: printed (GC).

No known translation.

Style: Black line added with grays. Genre: Horror. Time Span: Past. Nudity: Full frontal.
Keywords: Recreate. Human. Life. Soul. Grave.
Story Origin: H.P. Lovecraft short story, “Herbert West: Reanimator”.
Original Art Plate: The pen used was Sharpie and Pigma on 11″x17″ Strathmore paper. Computer generated full color output.
Synopsis: Herbert West will make his first attempt to reanimate a dead body.
Comment: The prose-to-comic jam adaptations are a combination of illustrations and comic story. The main text runs as prose column and illustrations fames it, sometimes close to comics, sometimes mere illustating pictures. Mr. Corben’s part of course strikes out from the others. He has been wisely put to the leading part. A four part story. Other artists (#2: Rick Geary, #3: J.B. Bonivert, #4: Mark A. Nelson).

Herbert West: Reanimator, 5 pgs

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