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The Plague

“The Plague”

The Plague. Original Art Plate

12 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Solo #2 (2004).
Story/Art/Color: Richad Corben (no signature, © 2002). Lettering: printed (Richard Corben).

France [FRA]: as “La peste”, in Solo [FRA] #2 (2005).
Italy [ITA]: as “La Piaga”, in Solo [ITA] #4 (2014).
Spain [SPA]: as “La plaga”, in Solo [SPA] #2 (2005), and as “Le peste”, [COLOR] in Grande autores de Vertigo: Richard Corben (2015).

Style: Black line, full Colors. Genre: Horror. Time Span: Middle Ages. Nudity: Hidden (shaded nudism, extra voluputuous girls on pgs 3, 6–9).
Original Art Plate: The pen used was Sharpie and Pigma on 11″x17″ Strathmore paper. Computer generated full color output.
Keywords: Plague. Tower. Safe.
Synopsis: In a safe of his tower the Middle Age king is collecting taxis and having fun while poor people suffers plague.
Comment: Well written story and even better looking plague imagenary. Mass scenes work good with simplified frame story (on a first and last page we are in a mind of the king – no one else is around). The renegade prince with bad teeth is impressive, as is plagued men (though I did not like the coloring on pestilence skin). Comics story has several familiar faces: bald guy on pg 3 has visited in Corben stories before and after, the Queen reminds Jeremy Brood women, two girls in a bed with king (on pg 8) are straightly from “The House on the Borderland” or so. But they are just small details in a good, enjoyable comics story.

Scanned from Spanish print. Apparently similar with the original English print.

The Plague, 12 pgs

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