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The Secret of Zokma

“The Secret of Zokma”

The Secret of Zokma
Pages 1 and 2.

6(–1)+3 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Weird Fantasies #1 (1972) [VERS.1]. Reprinted [B&W] in Richard Corben’s Funny Book (1976) [VERS.2], [COLOR] in Richard Corben Complete Works #2 (1986) [VERS.1] and [B&W] with three extra pages in Rip in Time #3 (1987) [VERS.4].
Story/Art: Richard Corben (signed as Gore, 1972). Color: Richard Corben. Help for rework in [VERS.4]: Herb Arnold. Lettered by hand (Corben).

France [FRA]: as “Le secret de Zokma [VERS.2]” in [B&W] in Ogre (1979).
Germany [GER]: as “Das Geheimnis von Zokma”, [COLOR] in Schwermetall #21 (1981) and Schwermetall, Sammelband #6.
Italy [ITA]: as “The Secret of Zokma [ITA] [VERS.3]” in [B&W] in Alter alter #12/81.
Spain [SPA]: as “El secreto de Zokma” in [COLOR] in Ilustracion+Comix Internacional #8 ([VERS.1]), [COLOR] in Richard Corben obras completas #5 (1985) ([VERS.1]), and [B&W] in Totem #7 ([VERS.2]).

Style: Color with black line / Greytonal. Genre: Horror. Time Span: No particular moment of time. Nudity: Half naked girl.
Keywords: Archeaological discovery. Betrayal. Treasures.
Synopsis: Young girl and old man make an archeaological discovery in Inca kind of civilization. Old man’s friend kills him and with young girl they go down to treasures of the temple of Zokma without fearing secrets of it.
Comment: Brilliant B&W (and color) artwork. His own story is quite interesting.
Alternatives [VERS.1]: Complete Works is prob. identical with the original.
Alternatives [VERS.2]: Funny Book is prob. identical with the original, except it is B&W.
Alternatives [VERS.3]: 5 pg version. Pages 1 and 2 were combined as one.
Alternatives [VERS.4]: There is lots of nudity redrawn: On first page first frame is totally new (frame was from inside of tent, young girl and old husband were totally naked, and approaching bearded man was just shadow in background, against the wall of tent). Last frame was wider, showing black heared head, more in corner, hugh bare breast of girl and bare leg (no shadows); now frame is just excerpted upper right corner. Texts on page one are “untouched”, and last balloon is moved more closer to old man. Three extra pages (pages 4 to 6) give nothing new for story and artwork on them differes (and lacks of quality) too much from original story; all texts on those pages are of course new. Mr. Corben added bra on young girl on last two pages (two frames shown).

The Secret of Zokma, B&W, 9 pgs
The Secret of Zokma, B&W, 9 pgs

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