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The Shadow
Shadow, pgs 1 and 2.

8 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Creepy #70 (1975). Reprinted [B&W] in Eerie #86 (1977) and [COLOR] in Edgar Allan Poe (1985) [VERS.2], [COLOR] in Creepy Presents Richard Corben (2012) [VERS.3], [COLOR] in Creepy Archieves Volume #14 (2012) [VERS.3], and [COLOR] in Eerie Archives Volume #18 (2015) [VERS.3].
Story: Edgar Allan Poe, Adapt: Richard Margopoulos. Color(colored by overlays)/Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Lettered by hand (Warren).

Brazil [BR]: as “Edgar Allan Poe’s Sombra [BRA]”, [B&W] in Kripta #24 (1978).
Finland [FIN]: as “Varjo”, [COLOR] in Shokki tekijänä Richard Corben #2 (2014).
France [FRA]: as “Ombre”, [B&W] in Creepy [FRA] “annual serie” #25 and Edgar Poe [FRA] (1981), [B&W] in La chute de la maison Usher (1986), and [B&W] in Fantastik #2.
Germany [GER]: as “Schatten”, [B&W] in Edgar Poe [GER] (1981), and as “Der Schatten”, [COLOR] in Gespenster-Geschichten präsentiert #4: Edgar Allan Poe [GER] (1986).
Italy [ITA]: as “Ombra”, [B&W] in Image [I] #1 (1982).
The Netherlands [NL]: as “Schadun”, [B&W] in Creepy [NL] Special: Edgar Allan Poe [NL].
Serbia [SER]: as “Shadow [SER]” in Jeznovik #2: Ričard Korben (2013).
Spain [SPA]: as “Sombra [SPA]”, [B&W] in Creepy [SPA] rinde tributo a Edgar Allan Poe, [B&W] in Rufus #52 (1977), [B&W] in Richard Corben obras completas #4 (1985).
Yugoslavia [YUG]: as “Senka”, [B&W] in Spunk #14 (1981).

Style: Black line, full color by overlays ([COLOR]). Graytones (B&W). Genre: Horror. Time Span: Ancient past. Nudity: None.
Keywords: Greece. Pestilence. Dead friend. Celebration. Isolation. Visitor.
Story Origin: Edgar Allan Poe short story, “Shadow – a Parable”.
Synopsis: Pestilence kills people in ancient Greece.Behind stucked door and covered window seven warriors gather together for memory party of dead friend. They’ve got a visitor.
Comment: Brilliant color artwork. Every page have one pager frame and all the rest frames are inside of it. Prologue is a little detached and a standing still (for purpose, of course), story contains not much dialogue. In Edgar Allan Poe version all white texts on black or dark color background are turned to black on white or light color background.
Alternative, [VERS.2]: The color version was more narrow than the earlier B&W version (same case with “Change… Into Something Comfortable”). While the B&W version goes over the page, the color version was neatly framed with white margins. Pgs 2, 4, 6, 8 are slightly cropped from right side, and pgs 1, 3, 5, 7 from left side. Although each page has more artwork on top and bottom. And in B&W version all text blocks are white on black boxes, but in color version black on white boxes. Thanks to José Villarrubia to point it out!
Color: The story was originally made in color, but Warren used in first print the eariler B&W version. The color version was used for the first time in Edgar Allan Poe [says Horror in the Dark #3 (1991)].
Alternative, [VERS.3]: In restored Creepy Presents Richard Corben the original art plates were scanned by Richard Corben (same version than the previous more narrow color version). But there exists only B&W art plates. The colors were recreated with piety by José Villarrubia according vers.2 print.

Shadow, 8 pgs
Shadow, 8 pgs

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