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Silver, Emeralds and Rubies

“Silver, Emeralds and Rubies”

Silver, Emeralds and Rubies

4 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Son of Mutant World #5 (1990).
Story: Richard Margopoulos. Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Lettering: printed.

France [FRA]: as “Argent, emeraudes et rubis” in USA magazine [II] #68/69 (1993).
Italy [ITA]: as “Silver, Emeralds and Rubies [ITA]” in L’Eternauta #141.
Spain [SPA]: as “Plata, esmeralda y rubies” in Zona 84 #82.

Style: B&W CG shades. Genre: Horror. Time Span: Ancient past. Nudity: Full frontal.
Keywords: Assassin Union. War of power. Fee.
Synopsis: The voluptuous queen of the East Side hires an assassin to kill the king of 42nd street. Assassin does it in disagree and collect his fee.
Comment: Another early computer artwork by Corben. There is again problem with image resolution. This time Corben tries to draw some figures with computer – not very effective result. Artwork contains a lot not successful computer generated backgrounds. The result with naked female bodies are much better. This time there is text and artwork in separate files like they suppoused to be (texts are clear and sharp). Story by Richard Margopoulos is not very interesting.
Technique: Font Studio for the lettering, Photoshop for drawing and image processing, and Ready, Set, Go a page layout program. [revieled in Horror in the Dark #1 (1991)].

Silver, Emeralds and Rubies, 4 pgs

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