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Spear and Fang

“Spear and Fang”

Spear and Fang

10 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Robert E. Howard’s Myth Maker #1 (1999).
Story: Robert E. Howard. Adapt: Roy Thomas. Color: Eric Hope. Art: Richard Corben.

Spain [SPA]: as “Lanza y colmillo” in Myth Maker [SPA].

Style: Full color on black line. Genre: Fantasy. Time Span: Ancient history. Nudity: Voluptuous girl.
Keywords: Cave painting. Mating. Single. Neandertaler. Fight.
Original Art Plate: 28 x 43 cm [Source: Angoulême, 2019].
Story Origin: Robert E. Howard short story, “Spear and Fang”.
Synopsis: A single cave girl A-Aea puts an eye on a single cave man Ga-Nor. Fellow cave man Ka-Nanu and the Neandertaler step inbetween them.
Comment: The story is a typical adaptation. It has a lot of text, but a minor dialogue. Story is okay, but does not containg the magic touch. Corben makes his art more interesting by adding silhuettos on several pages, specially on pg 2 and 6, which has white instead of black silhuetto. Also Corben breaks interestingly the traditional frame forms; every single frames are different size and mostly there’s one whole or almost page size frame.

Spear and Fang, 10 pgs

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