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The Split

“The Split”

The Split

8 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Strange Adventures #3 (2000).
Story: Joe R. Lansdale. Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Colors: Grant Goleash. Lettered by Comicraft.

Spain [SPA]: as “La escisión”, [COLOR] in Grande autores de Vertigo: Richard Corben (2015).

Style: Colors with black line. Genre: Horror. Time Span: No particular moment of time. Nudity: None.
Keywords: Clocks. Hobby. Lightning. Shadow. Dark side. Love. Light.
Synopsis: Wife does not understand man’s clock passion. He desides to show her, but unfortune accident splits him from his shadow It’s a strugle of good and bad minds.
Comment: Corben uses his manoevre: frames which are all different size and some onto others. Just marv! Man’s shadow also works and is interesting looking. Joe R. Lansdale’s story, then again, is nice, but nothing special. Grant Goleash’s colors fits the story.
Model: The model for the main protoganist has been apparently the same guy as for the story, Hellboy: “House of the Living Dead”, Dr. José Luis Kogan.

Strange Adventures; True Tales of the Unexplained: Item: Richard Corben was in a hobby store researching airplanes for a CONGO BILL cover. While looking through the stacked boxes of plastic kits, he suddenly saw his own name! A model of an airplaine named the Corben Super Ace! A trangely familiar clerk gave him an accusing smirk. Item: A similarly familiar mailman gave Corben a color flyer. The name on it seemed odd: ICHARD CORBEN. Unconnected Events!? Corben doesn’t think so. Obviously a cosmic plot to steal his identity!

The Split, 8 pgs

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