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Vampi’s Feary Tales #13: Metifa!

Vampi’s Feary Tales #13: “Metifa!”

Swamp Thing: Missing Links. Original Art Plate

1 pg. Appeared first time [B&W] in Vampirella #15 (1972).
Story: Billy DuBay. Art: Richard Corben. Reprinted in Vampirella [Harris]: Crimson Chronicles #2 (2004), and Vampirella Archieves #3 (2011).

Demark [DK]: as “Metifa [DK]!” in Gru #7 (1972).
France [FRA]: as “Métifa [FRA]!” in Une femme bafouée (1982).
Germany [GER]: as Vampis fürchte-Märchen: “Metifa [GER]!” in Vampirella [GER] #7 (1982) and Vampirella [GER] Sammelband #2 [Heft 7].
Portugal [POR]: as Contos de terror da Vampirella: “Metifa [POR]!” in Vampirella [POR] #5 (1977).
Spain [SPA]: as Los cuentos pérfidos de Vampi: “Metifa [SPA]!” in Colección “Made in Hell” #24: Vampirella. Las crónicas carmesí. Volumen II (2006).

Style: Greytonal. Genre: Horror. Time Span: Ancient history. Nudity: Voluptuous girl.
Keywords: Vampi. Femme fatale. Flame. Old man. Good/Evil.
Synopsis: Satan’s woman, Metifa, attracts an attention of an old man.
Comment: Bill DuBay’s story is boring. Mr. Corben’s artwork is a drawing technique test. Nothing more.

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