24 Jul 2019

The Red Queen

The Red Queen aka Keeth-Ren is an evil sorceress who wants to rule NeverWhere.
World: NeverWhere

  • “Neverwhere” aka “Den [I]”: An evil sorceress who wants to rule NeverWhere with the help of a Locnar scepter. Tries to scrafice Kath to Uluhtc. Had an relationship with Uncle Dan. She is talking about a double of Keeth-Ren (aka Kath). It looks like the double of Kath is The Red Queen which makes her also Keeth-Ren [pg 28]. She’s got a wizard Zek who she wants to feed to mount Gulper.
  • “Den II”: After loosing Locnar scepter she is after Nar stones to grow her power to rule NeverWhere. The Red Queen kills Zeg and burns Zegium down.
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