To Meet the Faces You Meet

Front Cover Art
Back Cover Art (flipped)

Launching date: May 8, 2020, and over in June 7, 2020 (Kickstarter). J. Allen Williams/Parallax Studio, LLC and Richard Corben/Jan Strnad. 21,6×31,8 cm. 18 pgs [incl. covers]. Cover: glossy color. Guts: white. [id].
An Exclusive Kickstarter Special Movie Edition.

“To Meet the Faces You Meet Movie Edition”.
Front Cover Art-J. Allen Williams (3D). Color.

“To Meet the Faces You Meet” [PICT].
Back Cover Art (flipped)-Richard Corben. Color.

Inside covers: The list of Kickstarter Backers of the Strnad/Corben classic: “To Meet the Faces You Meet”. (213 backer names)

“To Meet the Faces You Meet [VERS.3]” [SYNOPSIS].
16 pgs: pgs 3-18. s-Jan Strnad, a-Richard Corben (= “Gore”). B&W.
Here restored B&W from the original story.

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