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IMDb: Cooper calls for help. Agents Gordon Cole, Albert Rosenfield and Tammy Preston investigate the glass box murders.

Opening Credits

  • 0:00:00 Twin Peaks logo, theme song and opening credits. 
    • Edited by Duwayne Dunham

The Other Place

  • 0:01:38 The Other Place
    • Special Agent Dale Cooper is falling in the space.
    • There is a purple cloud. Dale Cooper falls into it.
  • 0:02.18 Dale Cooper falls into metallic balcony. There is endless sea far down the metallic building. Dale Cooper get out of the balcony through a window. Inside the room waits eyeless woman Naido by the fireplace. The time inside the room is out of order. Naido cannot see Dale Cooper.
    • Dale Cooper: “Where is this? Where are we?”
    • Naido tries to talk to him but there is no words out of her mouth. A loud banging starts. Naido shows Dale Cooper to be quiet. There is an alarm on a machine on a wall. Dale Cooper approaches the machine. There is a clear numero 15 on a machine. Naido prevents Dale Cooper to go too close to machine. She shows that he might die if he go too close. Instead she brings him up to the roof. When they get to the roof, the building became a big cubic floating in the space. There is a big metallic kind of bell on the top of the cubic. Banging goes on on the roof. Naido pulls the lever behind bell-thing. The electricity goes on Naido and he falls out of the rooftop out of the emptiness of the space. Dale Cooper can see a gigantic head of Major Garland Briggs floating in the space under him.
    • Major Briggs (subs): “Blue Rose.”
    • The head disappears. Dale Cooper goes back to the room. Downstairs the time has been settled down. The machine on the wall has now a new number 3. By the fireplace sits a new Naido, this time with eyes. She checks time. It is 2:52 and turns to 2:53. The machine on the wall is dragging Dale Cooper to it.

Mr. C driving on a road

  • 0:14.35 Mr. C is driving car on a road. He pays attention on the time also. It is around 2:53. Mr. C does not feel good. He is loosing his sight.
  • Cut back to the room.
    • Naido (subs): “When you get there you will already be there.”
    • The loud banging starts.
    • Naido (subs): “You better hurry my mother’s coming.” (This time she is not saying exactly what is on the subs: “You have to hurry my mother’s coming.”)
    • Dale Cooper will be sucked violently in to the machine. Only his shoes cannot go through.
  • Cut back to the Mr. C who’s got a bad car accident. There is a round electric cigaret lighter which is trying him to come closer. Red curtains from the Black Lodge can be seen on Mr. C’s view.

Rancho Rosa estates

  • 0:19:01 Rancho Rosa estates, a brand new recently made living area of new houses
    • Dougie Jones has just made sex with nude Jade.
    • Jade: “Dougie, what is wrong with your arm?”
    • Dougie Jones: “I think it fell asleep. It’s sort of tingly.”
    • Jade check Dougie’s cash and take them. She goes to shower.
    • Dougie’s got a lazy left hand. There is a clear green Black Lodge ring in his finger. Dougie’s stomach hurts. He fells into his hands and knees.
  • Cut to Mr. C who’s fighting against through up. He still sees the red curtains of the Black Lodge.
  • Cut back to Dougie on a floor on his hands and knees. Dougie throughs up on a floor a nasty piece out of his mouth. There is also the Black Lodger red curtains in front of him. Dougie disappears with a loud bang.
    • Jade: “What the fuck was that? Dougie!”
  • Cut to Mr. C who’s fighting against through up. He still sees the red curtains of the Black Lodge. He can see a blink of Dougie sitting in the armchair in the Black Lodge. Then the Black Lodge disappears. Mr. C throughs up nasty greenish garmanbozia. He lost his consciousness.

The Black Lodge

  • 0:22:26 The Black Lodge
    • Dougie Jones sits in the armchair in front of Phillip Gerard in the Black Lodge.
    • Dougie Jones: “I feel… funny. What’s happening to me?”
    • Philip Gerard (subs): “Someone manufactured you.”
    • Dougie Jones: “What?”
    • Philip Gerard (subs): “For a purpose but I think now that’s been fulfilled.”
    • Dougie Jones: “It has?”
    • Dougie has no shoes on. Suddenly he starts to shrink.
    • Dougie Jones: “That’s weird.”
    • The green Black Lodge ring falls out of his finger to the floor. Dougie turns into black smoke and then a golden sphere. His empty clothes falls down. A ugly blob kind of head (?) comes out of the golden sphere. Philip Gerard covers his eyes and the blob disappears. Only the golden sphere was left from Dougie Jones. Philip Gerard picks up the green Black Lodge ring and small golden sphere. He puts the ring on the golden table.

Rancho Rosa estates

  • 0:25:40 Cut back to Rancho Rosa room Dougie Jones was disappeared. His through up is still on the floor. Black smoke comes out of electrical outlet and it forms Dale Cooper on a floor where Dougie Jones was before. Dale Cooper has no shoes on but he’s got very good suit on. Jade finds Dale Cooper on a floor and calls him as Dougie.
    • Jade: “Where’d you get that suit… and haircut? Have you been wearing a rug all this time, Dougie?”
    • Jade rushes out of the house. It looks like a brand new house. Nobody lived in it yet. Or the real owner of the house was away. Anyway, Dougie and Jade were not the owners of the house.
    • Jade escorts Dale Cooper/Dougie out of the house. He does not talk and walks like in a dream. Jade realizes he’s not wearing shoes. She puts them on him. When Jade asks for keys from Dale/Dougie she finds from his pocket an very old The Great Northern Hotel, Twin Peaks room #315 hotel key. She puts it back to Dale/Dougie’s pocket. Jade cannot find car keys out of his pockets.
    • Jade: “You mean Jade has to give you two rides?”
    • Jade and Dale/Dougie leave the house with Jade’s car. The other car stays in the front of the house. The car plates says, Duge LV”. As they leave the other car comes to the front of the house.
    • Gene: “Yeah, she just drove by in a Wrangler. Looked like maybe two people, but… his car’s still here.”
    • The other guy promised to check if Dale/Dougie would be in Jade’s car. When the other guy is checking Jade’s passing car, Dale/Dougie drops the hotel key on a floor of the Wrangler and reaches it out for him. That’s why the other guy cannot see in Wrangler but Jade. Gene and the other guy thinks Dougie is still inside.
    • Gene: “I’ll see you at Mikey’s“.
    • While Gene wires Dougie’s car a little boy points him out doing it. Gene drives away.
    • Drugged-out Mother: “One-one-nine! (repeating it four times)
    • Drugged-out Mother takes a pill with alcohol drink.
  • 0:33:27 Cut to the car accident with Mr. C. Two policemen come there.

Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department

  • 0:34:23 Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department
    • Deputy Chief Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill, Deputy Andy Brennan, and Lucy Brennan search missing thing out of the case files. Lucy goofies out.

At Dr. Jacoby’s

  • 0:39:08 Dr. Lawrence Jacoby paints his shovels golden.

Silver Mustang Casino

  • 0:41:27 Silver Mustang Casino
    • Jade brings Dale/Dougie to casino. She asks him to forget her.
    • Jade: “Here’s $5. Call for help.”
    • Dale/Dougie: “Call for help.”
    • Jade asks him to call for doctor because of his numb state. Dale/Dougie repeats some short words or lines.
    • Jade: “You can go out now.”
    • Dale/Dougie remembers (from the Black Lodge when a woman looking like Laura Paler said to him the same.)
    • Jade has to push Dale/Dougie out that he leaves. Jade leave him and drive away. Dale/Dougie tries to get into revolving door.
    • Inside Dale/Dougie ends up to change his $5 bill into casino chips. He watches how other people play coin machines. One guy does not success and says, “Hello!”. Dale/Dougie sees above some coin machines signs and he starts to play. He repeats the Hello line and wins. Always. He helps one old woman to win several times as well.

FBI Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA

  • 0:51:24 Text: FBI Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA
    • FBI Agent Tammy Preston, FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield, FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole, and four other men, and a woman are studing a murder case. After that others leave and three of them stay. Tammy show them the glass box case. The ghostly female figure was recored on one of the cameras. Suddenly there was announcement that Cooper was calling to him. All three rush to Gordon Cole’s office room. There is a atomic bomb poster and a picture of Frank Kafka on a wall.
    • After the phone call Gordon Cole says, “Albert, we’re headed for the Black Hills of South Dakota.”
    • Albert Rosenfield: “I’ve been dying to see Mount Rushmore.”

The Bang Bang Bar, Twin Peaks

  • 0:55:39 The Bang Bang Bar, Twin Peaks
    • The Cactus Blossoms start to sing
  • 0:57:08 The ending credits
  • 0:58:50 The End


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Directed by 

David Lynch

Writing Credits  

Mark Frost(written by) &
David Lynch(written by)
David Lynch(creator)
Mark Frost(creator)

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Kyle MacLachlanDale Cooper /  Dougie Jones
Phoebe AugustineAmerican Girl
Chrysta BellFBI Agent Tammy Preston
Don S. DavisMajor Garland Briggs (archive footage)
John EnnisSlot Machine Man 
Miguel FerrerFBI Agent Albert Rosenfield
Brian T. FinneySecurity Guard (as Brian Finney)
Meg FosterCashier 
Hailey GatesDrugged-out Mother 
Harry GoazDeputy Andy Brennan
Travis HammerFirst Trooper 
Stephen HeathSecond Trooper 
Michael HorseDeputy Chief Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill
Sheryl LeeLaura Palmer 
David LynchFBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole
Josh McDermittWise Guy 
Linda PorterLady Slot-Addict
Kimmy RobertsonLucy Brennan
Sawyer ShipmanLittle Boy
Al StrobelPhillip Gerard
Sabrina S. SutherlandFloor Attendant Jackie
Russ TamblynDr. Lawrence Jacoby 
Bill TangradiJake 
Greg VrotsosGene
Nafessa WilliamsJade
NaeNaido (as Nae Yuuki)
Jack TorreyThe Cactus Blossoms
Page BurkumThe Cactus Blossoms
Joel PatersonThe Cactus Blossoms 
Beau SampleThe Cactus Blossoms 
Alex HallThe Cactus Blossoms 
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Joe KnetterCasino Biker (uncredited)
Alex ReymeBang Bang Bar Patron (uncredited)
Kate RomeroFBI Agent Shari Skadden (uncredited)
Jose RoseteFBI Agent (uncredited)
Robert L. WilsonFBI Agent Chris Rummel (uncredited)

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