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IMDb: Cooper assumes the life of Dougie Jones, as Gordon, Rosenfield and Preston investigate the situation surrounding Cooper’s doppelganger.

Opening Credits

  • 0:00:00 Twin Peaks logo, theme song and opening credits. 
    • Edited by Duwayne Dunham

Silver Mustang Casino

  • 0:01:37 Silver Mustang Casino
    • Siren on
    • Special Agent Dale Cooper as Dougie Jones: “Hello!”
    • The staff runs around for Cooper/Dougie’s jackpots
    • “How many Jackpots?”
    • “So far, 29 Mega Jackpots”
    • Lady Slot-Addict: “Mr. Jackpot! Mr. Jackpot! Tell me which one?”
    • Cooper/Dougie points at one slot machines and Lady wins
    • “Now 30!”
    • Lady thanks Cooper/Dougie a lot and repeats, “My Jackpot!”
    • Bill Shaker from L.I. Chemicals with his wife Candy Shaker recognizes Dougie and tries to talk with him. Dougie mostly repeats Bill’s line. Bill calls him Dougie Jones and Cooper/Dougie repeats it. Bill realizes Cooper/Dougie is slimmer and with a new haircut
    • “Home”, Cooper/Dougie repeats after Bill. Candy asks where is his home and Bill gets upset. “He knows where his home is. — Lancelot Court. The house with red door. Not far from here. Maybe 6 or 8 dollar cap ride.”
    • “Something must have happened”, Candy says. Bill points out for cap line and Cooper/Dougie leaves.
    • “Is he okay?” Candy asks from his husband. “I don’t think he’s okay.”
    • Before Cooper/Dougie left the casino, the clerk catches him and brings to manager.

Casino Manager Room

  • 0:06:20 The clerk makes Cooper/Dogie to sit down and makes a hand sign to manager that the guy is crazy.
  • Cooper/Dougie is interested of red toy on a manager’s desk
  • Manager shows the winning money to Cooper/Dougie. He does not show much of interest on them. There is still a guard and a clerk behind Cooper/Dougie in a room during conversation
  • “Is there anything we can help?”, the manager asks.
  • “Call for a help”, Cooper/Dougie says
  • Cooper/Dougie repeats separate words from the manager’s talk: “Who”, “Home”, “Lancelot Court, cap ride”, “Dougie Jones”.
  • “Limo for Mr. Jones”, says the manager
  • Cooper/Dougie imitates the manager’s movements
  • “Or night”, Cooper/Dougie repeats, and then he pays attention of surveillance camera on the roof. “That’s right. We’re watching you, Mr. ‘Jones’!”

Limo Ride

  • Cooper/Dougie sits in the back of the limo with all the money on his laps
  • The chauffeur cannot find the address
  • “Red door”, repeats Cooper/Dougie, “Red door”.
  • Suddenly chauffeur finds the red door. The street number is 25140, Lancelot Court. The limo stops, the chauffeur gets Cooper/Dougie out of the car, they wait an awful long time while Cooper/Dougie stands next to the lime.
  • An owl flies above them in the dark
  • Finally Dougie’s wife walks out of the house, slaps on Cooper/Dougie’s face and escorts him inside. “Where have you been? Three days without a word! You don’t show up on work! And you missed Johnny Jim’s birthday!”

At Jones’

  • 0:13:03 Inside at Jones’ house
  • “What have you been doing? Where’d you get that black suit? And a haircut!”, the wife question Cooper/Dougie.
  • “There’s thousands and thousands of dollars here!”, the wife realizes from Cooper/Dougie’s bag. “Where did you get this? Did you get this from the Silver Mustang! Don’t tell me you hit the Jackpot!”
  • “Mr. Jackpots”, Cooper/Dougie repeats
  • “There’s enough here to pay them back!”, the wife realizes.
  • “Of my life”, Cooper/Dougie repeats, “Home”


  • 0:15:33 FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole goes to meet The Chief of Staff Denise Bryson. Bill Kennedy escorts him there
  • “Where is she?” Gordon Cole shouts. “How’s Marth? She ever fixed that thing with Paul?”
  • “Paul is now on a North Pole”, answer Bill
  • Gordon Cole waits Denise Bryson alone. Gordon pays attention there is a bouquet of flowers on a chair
  • Denise walks in, he’s now she. They talk about Cooper.
  • “You are taking [FBI] Agent [Tammy] Preston with you. Really, Gordon! Well, I know your profile, Gordon. Beautiful agent, bearly thirty.”
  • “I’m old school, Denise. You know that”, Gordon answers.
  • Gordon Cole talks about the past with Denise when she was still he, Gordon helped him a lot from troubles
  • “Tammy, Tammy is so beautiful”, Denise says and Gordon makes a compliment for Denise about her looks
  • “Your birds fly?” Gordon asks from Denise
  • “Good luck,” Denise relies.
  • “Ten four, good buddy”, Gordon says back and he leaves

Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department

  • 0:19.40 Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department
  • Lucy Brennan is on a phone talking about the thermostat.


  • 0:00:00 xxx
  • 0:00:00 The ending credits
  • 0:00:00 The End


(from IMDb/April 12, 2019)

Directed by 

David Lynch

Writing Credits  

Mark Frost(written by) &
David Lynch(written by)
David Lynch(creator)
Mark Frost(creator)

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Kyle MacLachlanDale Cooper
Jane AdamsConstance Talbot 
Dana AshbrookDeputy Bobby Briggs
Chrysta BellFBI Agent Tammy Preston
Brent BriscoeDetective Dave Macklay 
Michael CeraWally Brando
Richard ChamberlainBill Kennedy 
David DastmalchianPit Boss Warrick 
David DuchovnyDenise Bryson
Miguel FerrerFBI Agent Albert Rosenfield
Robert ForsterSheriff Frank Truman
Pierce GagnonSonny Jim Jones
Brett GelmanSupervisor Burns
Harry GoazDeputy Andy Brennan
James GrixoniDeputy Jesse Holcomb 
Michael HorseDeputy Chief Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill
Stephen KearinFBI Driver 
Dep KirklandPolice Chief Mike Boyd 
Jay LarsonLimo Driver
Sheryl LeeLaura Palmer (credit only)
David LynchFBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole
Karl MakinenInspector Randy Hollister 
James MorrisonWarden Dwight Murphy 
Sara PaxtonCandy Shaker
John PirruccelloDeputy Chad Broxford
Linda PorterLady Slot-Addict 
Kimmy RobertsonLucy Brennan
Al StrobelPhillip Gerard
Ethan SupleeBill Shaker
Sabrina S. SutherlandFloor Attendant Jackie 
Jodi ThelenMaggie (as Jodee Thelen)
Naomi WattsJaney-E Jones
Heather D’AngeloAu Revoir Simone
Erika ForsterAu Revoir Simone
Annie HartAu Revoir Simone
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Tyler MalikFBI Agent (uncredited)

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