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John Carter: Warlord of Mars TPB
Dynamite, 2 issues (2015–2016) | In color.
Issue Title Writer Artist
J. Scott Campbell
"Invaders of Mars", #1 Re: JCWoM-1-14 Ron Marz Abhishek Malsuni
["Invaders of Mars", #2] Re: JCWoM-2-14 Abhishek Malsuni (p), Zsolt H. Garisa (i)
"Invaders of Mars", #3 Re: JCWoM-3-15
"Invaders of Mars", #4 Re: JCWoM-4-15
"Invaders of Mars", #5 Re: JCWoM-5-15
"Invaders of Mars", #6 Re: JCWoM-6-15 Roberto Castro
"Excursion" Re: JCWoM-7-15 Ariel Medel
Abhishek Malsuni
"Man-Made Monster", #1 Re: JCWoM-8-15 Ron Marz, Ian Edington
"Man-Made Monster", #2 Re: JCWoM-9-15
"Thark Raving Mad!" Re: JCWoM-10-15
"Lost Empires", #1 Re: JCWoM-11-15
"Lost Empires", #2 Re: JCWoM-12-15
"What Lies Beneath" Re: JCWoM-13-15
"Homecoming?" Re: JCWoM-14-15


John Carter: Dynamite

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