Anti-Christmas"Lame Lem's Love"

8 pgs. Appeared first time in Skull Comics #2 (1970). Reprinted B&W in Cozmic Comics #1 (1972), in Richard Corben's Funny Book (1976), in Horror in the Dark #1 (1991) and in Richard Corben Complete Works #2 (1986).
Story/Art: Richard Corben (signed as Gore, 1970). Color: Herb Arnold. Lettered by hand (Corben).

FRA FRA: as "Le bonheur de Benoît Boiteux" in Ogre (1979).
GER GER: as "Der Dämon im Cockpit" in Der Dämon im Cockpit (1985).
ITA ITA: as "L'amore di Lame Lem" in B&W in L'Eternauta #112 (1992).
NL NL: as "Laame Lems Liefde" in Color in Stripschrift #167 (1983).
SPA SPA: as "El amor del cojo Lem", in in Comix Underground USA #2 (1974) , in in Creepy [SPA] #0 (1979) and in in Richard Corben obras completas #5 (1985).
SWE SWE: as "Halte Hams hustru" in Epix #9 (1/85).

Style: B&W zipatone (?) / Color with black line. Genre: Horror. Time Span: No particular moment of time. Nudity: Full frontal.
Keywords: Love. Sex. Marriage. Freak. Mass murderer. Revenge. Gurggy Tate.
Synopsis: Freaky, simple guy is fell in love with voluptuous girl, who does not want him. Instead she likes to be in bed with other men; so guy desides to solve a problem with axe.
Comment: Very interesting his own story and artwork. If the original was B&W, who colored it later?
Alternatives, : Additional bra and panties.

Lame Lem's Love, 8 pgs

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