Richard Corben Complete Works, Underground

Catalan Communications, 8-1/4"x10-7/8", $10.95, 80[+4] pages. Cover: glossy color on heavy stock. Guts: white. All reprints. All a-Richard Corben [id]

WorshipComplete Works #1

Nov. 1985. Guts: B&W on pgs 1-48, full color on pgs 49-80.
Similar print in Spain, Richard Corben obras completas #3: Underground [#1] (1985).

"Worship" Pict
Cover Art-Richard Corben. © 1977. Color. r[Bizarre Sex #6 (1977)]-Richard Corben. Color.

"Sortrum" [same as original version] Pict
1 pict: pg 3. a/r[/r[Rowlf (1971)] (as "Sortrum")]-Richard Corben. B&W.
B&W with zipatone. There is writing "Sortrum" on tombstone.

"Heirs of Earth"
2 pgs: pgs 7-8. s/a/r[Slow Death #3 (1971)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

"Alice in Wonderlust "
3 pgs: pgs 9-11. s-Jan Strnad, a/r[Anomaly #4 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

"Horrible Harvey's House"
11 pgs: pgs 12-22. s/a/r[Skull Comics #3 (1971)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

"Twilight of the Dogs"
10 pgs: pgs 23-32. s/a/r[Fantagor #1 (1970)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

"Gastric Fortitude"
5 pgs: pgs 33-37. s/a/r[Death Rattle #1 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

"The Dweller in the Dark"
11 pgs: pgs 38-48. s-Herb Arnold, a/r[Hot Stuf' #3 (1976)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

"Cidopey "
8 pgs: pgs 49-56. s/a/c/r[Up from the Deep #1 (1971)]-Richard Corben. Color.

"For the Love of Daemon"
7 pgs: pgs 57-63. s/a/c/r[Fantagor #4(1972)]-Richard Corben. Color.
In this version, title: background black, text red. On last page, says, "End", in printing.

"Kittens for Christian"
11 pgs: pgs 64-74. s-Jan Strnad, a/c/r[Fantagor #3 (1972)]-Richard Corben. Color.
Different coloring. More closer (not same) to the coloring in Children of Fire #3 (1988).

"Damsel in Dragon Dress"
6 pgs: pgs 75-80. s-Dough Moench, a/c/r[Grim Wit #2 (1973)]-Richard Corben. Color.
Different coloring. Differs from reprint in Den [III] #8 (1989) too. Most clear colors of three of them.

Gurgy Tate, Horrilor, Fantagor, Uk & Friend Complete Works #2

June 1986. Guts: B&W on pgs 1-54, full color on pgs 55-80.
Similar print in Spain, Richard Corben obras completas #5: Underground #2 (1985). Differs in pgs 9 and 29.

"Gurgy Tate, Horrilor, Fantagor, Uk & Friend"
Front Cover Art[Richard Corben's Funny Book (1976), FiF, pg 24]-Richard Corben. Color.

Fantagor Intro #3: "Me and Uk Fishing"
Back Cover Art[Fantagor #3 (1972)]-Richard Corben. Color (art still B&W).

Fantagor Intro #1: "Fantagor and Uk"
1 pg: pg 4. s/a/r[Fantagor #1 (1970)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

Fantagor Epilogue #1: "Inna Pit"
4 pgs: pgs 5-8. s/a/r[Fantagor #1 (1970)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

Fantagor Intro #3: "Me and Uk Fishing"
1 pg: pg 9. s/a/r[Fantagor #3 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

"A Dumb Story"
10 pgs: pgs 10-19. s/a/r[Slow Death #3 (1971)]-Richard Corben. B&W.
Added text on pg 1, "A Dumb Story © 1971 Richard Corben". Redrawn, pg 2 fr 2: more bushes for hiding Nu Gu's hard on, Bu Lu don't look anymore to hard on but right side, Bu Lu's saying, "Back to the bushes!", is gone. Redrawn, pg 4: fr 8 missing (Nu Gu and Bu Lu makes love on beack), fr 10 twice.

Horrilor Intro #1: "Harrowing Heights"
1 pg: pg 20. s/a/r[Grim Wit #1 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.
Horrilor's sayings rewritten.

"Razar the Unhero"
8 pgs: pgs 21-28. s-Starr Armitage, a/r[Fantagor #1 (1970)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

Fantagor Intro #4: "Luscious Lucius"
1 pg: pg 29. s/a/r[Fantagor #4 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

10 pgs: pgs 30-39. s-Herb Arnold, a/r[Hot Stuf' #5 (1977)]-Richard Corben. B&W. Lettering: printed.

"Story of Oteg"
8 pgs: pgs 40-47. s/a/r[Promethean Enterprises #3 (1971)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

7 pgs: pgs 48-54. s/a/r[Grim Wit #1 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

"To Spear a Fair Maiden"
8 pgs: pgs 55-62. s-Jan Strnad, a/c/r[Fantagor #2 (1972)]-Richard Corben. Color.

"The Secret of Zokma "
6 pgs: pgs 63-68. s/a/c?/r[Weird Fantasies #1 (1972)]-Richard Corben. Color.

"Lame Lem's Love"
8 pgs: pgs 69-76. s/a/r[Skull Comix #2(1970)]-Richard Corben. c-Herb Arnold. Color.

"The Temple"
4 pgs: pgs 77-80. s/a/c/r[Fantagor #3 (1972)]-Richard Corben. Color.
In this version, added: "© 1972 Richard Corben" on pg 1 fr 1. Colors different.

Rowlf European Complete Works #3: Rowlf

Jan. 1987. Guts: B&W on pgs 1-16, 49-78, full color on pgs 17-48. [id]
Similar print in Spain, Richard Corben obras completas #6: Rowlf [SPA] y otras historias de la epoca Underground [#3] (1986).

"Rowlf [European]"
Cover Art -Richard Corben. Color.

"When Dreams Collide"
7 pgs: pgs 5-11. s/a/r[Up from the Deep #1 (1971)]-Richard Corben. B&W.
Story suppoused to be 8 pgs; the whole 5th page is missing! The missing page shows "God" holding a corpse that he has presumably just killed.

5 pgs: pgs 12-16. s/a/r[Hot Stuf' #1 (1974)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

"Rowlf", Part 1(3)
11 pgs: pgs 17-27. s/a/c/r[B&W Voice of Comicdom #16 (1970)]-Richard Corben. Color.
"Rowlf", Part 2(3)
9 pgs: pgs 28-36. s/a/c/r[B&W Voice of Comicdom #17 (1971)]-Richard Corben. Color.
"Rowlf", Part 3(3): Conclusion
12 pgs: pgs37-48. s/a/c/r[B&W Voice of Comicdom #17 (1971)]-Richard Corben. Color.

"Mangle, Robot Mangler"
6 pgs: pgs 49-54. s/a/r[Slow Death #4 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.
In this version, android has now underpants (every pg), on pg 4 fr 3: girl has no more android's prick in her hand, hand is on his leg now.

"The Rats in the Walls"
10 pgs: pgs 55-64. s-H.P. Lovecraft (© 1945 Donald Wandrei), adapt/a/r[Skull Comix #5 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

"A Gothic Tale" [Part 2]
14 pgs: pgs 65-78. s-Tom Veitch, a/r[Skull Comix #6 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.
"A Gothic Tale", Part 1 was drawn by Greg Irons. In this version, they erase from the title words "Part II". Story suppoused to be 15 pgs; the whole 8th page is also missing! It shows a ghoul ceremonially raping a nude woman.

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