Alice in Wonderlust"Alice in Wonderlust"

3 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Anomaly #4 (1972) [VERS.1]. Reprinted [B&W] in Richard Corben Complete Works #1 (1985) .
Story: Jan Strand. Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Color: (unknown, not by Mr. Corben). Lettered by hand (Richard Corben [VERS.1], unknown ).

France [FRA]: as "Alice au pays des désirs", [COLOR] (!) in Actuel [II] #37 (197?), and as "Alice aux saillies s'émerveille" in Horrilor (1977) and L'Echo des savanes spécial U.S.A. [I] #20 (1981).
Germany [GER]: as "Alice in Wonderlust [GER]" in U-Comix Sonderband [GER] #3 (1974).
The Netherlands [NL]: as "Alice in Wonderlust [NL]" in U-Comix Sonderband [NL] #3, and as "Alice in zondeland" in Richard Corben #1 [NL]: Elf Gruwelijke Verhalen (1980).
Spain [SPA]: as "Alicia en el país del vicio" in Corben o la ternura del monstruo (1979), and as "Alicia en el país de la mala vida" in Richard Corben obras completas #3 (1985).

Style: B&W zipatone. Genre: Fantasy/Humour. Time Span: Fairy tale. Nudity: Half naked voluptuous girl.
Keywords: Alice. Horny rabbits.
Synopsis: Alice in Wonderland variation. Alice follows rabbit into his hole, where horny rabbits crab her.
Comment: Very good artwork, Jan Strand's story has one joke, but the the comic story has got something that keeps it going. It's a breath taking good. Rabbits crabbing Alice's voluptuous parts is very succesful single frame.
Alternatives: Art is more or less the same (fading in the end more clearer in ), but text is rewritten during relettering. Story is the same, but some words and expressions are changed.
Alternatives, [COLOR]: Only known existing color version is printed in France, Actuel [II] #37 (197?).
Humour: One of the rabbit has got a kind of hard-on; actually it is a back leg. :7
Extras: The Jan Strnad interview (February, March 2001)

Alice in Wonderlust, 3 pgs

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