Alternative versions

"Razar the Unhero" pict

Story: Starr Armitage. Art: Richard Corben. Color [in Children of Fire #1 (1987)]: Ed Faust.

Alternatives: In Brood and Children of Fire versions, all frames have lots of extra tonal details and during adding tonals, Corben has redrawn all balloons and typed almost all texts (font type - type of letters - is different in Brood and Children of Fire). Children of Fire version is uniquely in colors, but it is closest identical to Brood version. Also, starting from Brood Corben has redrawn some of frames (on every page) more higher. Both Brood and Children of Fire has minor changes in text.

In Brood and Children of Fire, on first page additional height of frames is drawn on first frame (up on a sky + silhuetto of mountain in horizon behind riding Razar). In both The Odd Comic World and Complete Works versions the background of papurus is lightened almost white, though in Brood version papurus is tonal. In all versions papurus text is hand written!
Smaller frames are identical in all versions.

On second page, while Razar is watching after waggon, he can see visible bead of telescope in all versions, except in Complete Works (cf. four different vers. above). Like wise, while he is shooting bandits, there is onomatopoesia "POP", "UUH" and "POW" in all versions, except in Complete Works (see above, red circled places).
Starting from Brood resized frames are bottom of middle ones (see highlighting in the middle pict).

On page three last frame is enlarged and frame before last is now inside of last one. There was in original version a word, "Bumpity", to bind last two frames together; now there is only "B" hanging alone in smaller frame. All onomatopoesia on last frame are deleted (see red circulated areas).

On page four first, opening frame is resized. Pay attention, Corben added more mortar on brick roof above pilar and during repairs he replased it's big bricks with small ones...

On page five Corben added some black darkness above characters on middle row of frames.

On page six lowest frames are resized. First frame is totally new. Lower part of second frame (i.e. fortress) has visible adding (Corben did not fix it even in color version!). Last two frames have additional blackness on a top.

Opening fighting scene, on page seven, is totally redrawn, and nudity is hidden by adding a lot of gray and black shadows on entire page.

On last frame of last page is enlarged and first two frames (on same row) are now inside of it. It looks like last frame is totally redrawn (only papurus is left alone). Farest upper right corner frame became totally black in Brood and Children of Fire versions.

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