Razar the UnheroRazar the Unhero: "Razar the Unhero"

8 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Fantagor #1 (1970) [VERS.1]. Reprinted [B&W] in The Odd Comic World of Richard Corben (1978) [VERS.2] and [B&W] in Richard Corben Complete Works #2 (1986) [VERS.3]. Reformed [B&W] reprint in Fantagor Presents Brood (1983) [VERS.4] and same [COLOR] in Children of Fire #1 (1987) .
Story: Starr Armitage. Art: Richard Corben (signed as Richard V. Corben, 1970). Lettered in Fantagor and in The Odd Comic World by hand (Corben) and in Brood and Children of Fire lettering: mostly printed (some texts still by hand).

France [FRA]: as "Razar, l'homme qui n'aimait pas les héros" in Actuel [II] #22/23 (197?), and as "Razar le lâche" in Razar le lâche (1976).
Germany [GER]: as "Razar der Unheld" in Die Aussergewöhnliche Welt des Richard Corben, Vol. 1 (1977).
Italy [ITA]: as "Razar l'antieroe" in Alter alter #13/81, and as "Razar the Unhero [ITA]" in Funnies #4.
Spain [SPA]: as "Razar el antihéroe" in El extraordinario mundo de Richard Corben [#1] (1977), Rufus #41 (1976) and Richard Corben obras completas #5 (1985).

Style: Greytonal / Color with black line. Genre: Fantasy / Humour. Time Span: Ancient past. Nudity: Voluptuous girl.
Keywords: Unhero. Betrayal. Kidnapping.
Synopsis: Brother of the Duke of Lilux kidnaps Duke's daughter for ransom. By accident Razar the Unhero happened to be kidnapped too, and they give Razar to voluptuous bandit girl, who wants use and kill him.
Comment: Corben's artwork is more interesting as two different versions (original and reformated) than as a piece of art (only a bandit girl is okay). Story of Starr Armitage also lacks of interestingness.
Alternatives, [VERS.2]: One single difference: on pg 5 farest left corner frame saying, "Heegh" turned to "Aaie!". Only in this version (later turned back to "Heegh")!
Alternatives, [VERS.3]: On pg 2 a black crosshair (two times) and onomatopoesia "POP", "UUH!" and "P0W" has been removed.
Alternatives, [VERS.4]: Corben resizes comic's height, i.e. every page have some frames redrawn higher than original and change is easy to point out! There is quite much rewritten dialogue and almost all balloons are redrawn. Papurus on first page is not printed, there is tonal background, and first frame is resized. On second page there is black bead (two times) and middle frames are redrawn with extra onomatopoesia, "POP", "UUK!" and "POW". On page three last frame is enlarged and frame before last is now inside of last one; there was in original version a word, "Bumpity", to bind last two frames together; now there is only "B" hanging alone in smaller frame (all onomatopoesia on last frame are deleted). On page four first and on page five middle frames are resized. On page six lowest frames are resized (with first of them totally redrawn). On page seven first row of frames are totally redrawn, and nudity is hidden by adding a lot of gray and black shadows on entire page. On last page's last frame is enlarged and first two frames are now inside of it.
Alternatives, : Similar to prev. version, except it is in colors and it has different type of letters (only minor changes in text).
Alternatives, : All nudism censored from pages 6 and 7.

Razar the Unhero, 8 pgs

Razar the Unhero, 8 pgs

Razar the Unhero, color, 8 pgs

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