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Cpt Kremmen Retribution

Captain Kremmen (Retribution) / Retripution  

DJM. DJS 10810 (1977). Credits to Kenny and Mike Vickers, the record reached no. 32 in the charts in November 1977. YouTube

Cpt Kremmen Retribution LP

Help a London Child LP

'Help A London Child' promotional disc

HALC1 Atlantic (1977). Capital Radio

Side 1: A Captain Kremmen special! Featuring the thing that took over parliament and the news voice of the era - Robin Huston.
Side 2: Greetings from top Capital DJ's: Roger Scott, Michael Aspel, Graham Dene, Dave Cash and Kennys favourite commercial jingles: Vogue Interiors, Richard Shops and an early David Dundas ad composition 'Espana' and plenty of Capital 194 jingles too! Only a few were pressed and this one is signed personally by Kenny Everett, and is in a Capital 194 carboard outer with photocopies of a press clipping of the Easter 'Help A London Child' event which detail prices raised from items donated by David Bowie, Mick Jagger and more In excellent condition - immaculate and virtually perfect.

Adventures of Cpt Kremmen

The Adventuers of Captain Kremmen / Conversations with Ken

Asylum Records HALC2 (1978) A special limited edition 12" single released for the Capital Radio "Help a London Child" appeal fund. The B side features Jonathon King, Michael Aspel and Kenny in conversation.

Songs of London

Songs of London

Album from Capital Radio 194 all the hits and more... On behalf of 'Help a London Child' (Blue vinyl) (1979). HALC 3

Side One: 1. Wings / London Town, 2. Joni Mitchell / Chelsea Morning, 3. Al Stewart  / Soho Needless to Say, 4. The Kinks  / Waterloo Sunset, 5. Rick Wakeman  / Chamber of Horrors.

Side Two: 1. ABBA  / Waterloo, 2. Ralph McTell  / Streets of London, 3. Donovan  / Sunny Goodge Street, 4. Steeleye Span  / London, 5. Kenny Everett  /Captain Kremmen


Kenny Everett. The Greatest Adventures Yet of Captain Kremmen

CBS 84761 (1980). Featuring Alan Freeman's Dulcet Tones and original sticker on the front cover.

Cpt Kremmen LPCpt Kremmen LP B

Kenny Everett. Captain Kremmen

Part 1. 18min14sec
Part 2. 20min48sec


Kremmen the Movie (Soundtrack)

Kremmen the Movie. EMI. EMC 3342. (1980). The full film soundtrack featuring the voice of Kenny Everett. Stereo.

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Kremmen the Movie

Kremmen the Movie. Universal Pictures Home Video. March 8, 2004. 24 min.

Some web sites claims the DVD would be in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. That is not true. Film's got a plain mono soundtrack.

See also VHS cassette, Video Naughty Bits Kremmen the Movie and Hot Gossip (Castle Vision, 1982).

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2 hair clips, 1 brooch and 1 pendent

Kenny Everett Creation, Kremmen Marketing Company (1978).


Viewmaster Reels

Captain Kremmen. Kenny Everett.

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