Starr the Slayer"[The Origin of] Starr the Slayer"

22+22+22+22 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Starr the Slayer #1 to #4 (2009).
Story: Daniel Way. Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Color: José Villarrubia. Lettering printed (VC - Joe Caramagna).

Spain [SPA]: as "Starr: El bárbaro" in Starr: El bárbaro (2011).

Style: Black line with CG colors. Genre: SF/Fantasy. Time Span: No partigular moment of time/Fantasy world. Nudity: Voluptuous girls.
Keywords: Writer. Richness. Character. Sorcerer. Gateway. Troubadour. Excorsism. Dragon.
Original Art Plate: Drawn with Sharpie and Pigma pen on Strathmore paper, size 11"x17". [CorbencomicartCom]
Synopsis: Starr the Slayer is a character of comics writer Len Carson. A beaten sorcerer wants to revenge Starr and he excorsists Len Carson to the world of his creation, beats Starr and overrules the kind of his world.
Comment: The character is based on Roy Thomas/Barry Smith creation for Marvel in 1970. Corben's artwork is very good. In the beginning Len Carson part has been done with tall panels, Starr's with wide ones. The artwork on entire story is excellent. Pay attention the hair on front covers. It will be explained in the last episode. The story by Danile Way is pretty poor one.
Corben: Starr, a series published by Marvel Comics in 2009. It was put together by my editor at the time Axel Alonso based on characters in a story called "The Sword and the Sorcerers!" created by Roy Thomas back in the 70's, I was very happy to be able to draw this series, although I was a bit disappointed that Roy Thomas wouldn't be writing it.They let me develop much of the story myself from a very brief outline. Alas, the editors decided to put "humorous" text and dialogue to the art. I didn't see it until the books came out. I must say, I prefer the textless version here. [CorbencomicartCom/Sale/Dec. 13, 2014]
Corben (Book 1, pgs 10-20): In these particular pages, Starr and his family are arrested for immediate execution. Moon-Ja, head of the city's arena buys his life and he is trained to fight. Trull an aristocrate has it in for Starr and challenges him to a fight. Trull is clobbered but he plans some magical revenge. [CorbencomicartCom/Sale/Feb. 22, 2015]

Starr the Slayer, Part 1, 22 pgs

Starr the Slayer, Part 2, 22 pgs

Starr the Slayer, Part 3, 22 pgs

Starr the Slayer, Part 4, 22 pgs

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