Starr the Slayer

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Chamber of Darkness

Marvel. 8 issues (1969–1970) | In color.

Issue Title Writer Artist

Barry Smith [c]

"The Sword and the Sorcerers" Roy Thomas Barry Smith
The three other stories have nothing to do with Starr the Slayer.

Starr the Slayer apeared only in one issue. The writer and the artist are same as in the original Conan stories. Starr is a predecessor for Conan (before Marvel's got rights for Conan stories). He acts and looks like him. He even wears the same helmet Barry Smith drew for Conan. See Max Comics: Starr the Slayer.


Marvel. Ongoing series (2007–) | In color.

Issue Title Writer Artist

"Mathematics" Warren Ellis Salvador Larroca

Starr the Slayer apeared only in one issue. The story is 23 pages long and last 7 pages are about the skeleton of Starr the Slayer. There is a picture of Starr in flesh on the last page though.

Max Comics: Starr the Slayer

Marvel. Mini (2009) | In color.
See also Starr the Slayer in Richard Corben world. All covers: Richard Corben.

Issue Title Writer Artist

"Starr the Slayer #1" Daniel Way Richard Corben [a], José Villarrubia [k]
#2 "Starr the Slayer #2"
#3 "Starr the Slayer #3"
#4 "Starr the Slayer #4"
#5 "Starr the Slayer #5"

A kind of a sequel for the original Roy Thomas/Barry Smith storyline. Nothing to do with Newuniversal version.

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