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All stories Conan involved. Bêlit involved only in the story "Stalker of the Snows" [1], Red Sonja in "City under Seige" [5] and Rune, the Dark God, in "The Wind from the Stars" [3].

Conan the Savage

Marvel. 10 issues (1995–1996) | In B&W.

Issue Title Writer Penciller

Simon Bisley [c]
Frontispiece Rudy Nebres
"Hounds to the Slaughter" Charles Dixon Enrique Alcatena [p], Rob Sharem [ig]
"The Circles of Set" Roy Thomas Tim Conrad

Doug Beekman [c]
Frontispiece Mike Docherty, Scott Koblish
"Jobber" Charles Dixon Enrique Alcatena
"Stalker of the Snows", #1 [1] Roy Thomas Mike Docherty [p], Rudy Nebres [ig]

Chris Moeller [c]
Frontispiece Kerry Gammill
"Blood Rimmed Tide" Charles Dixon Enrique Alcatena
Stalker of the Snows, #2: "Into the Frozen Land " [1][2] Roy Thomas Mike Docherty [p], Rudy Nebres [ig]

Vince Evans [c]
Frontispiece Larry Stroman
"The Wind from the Stars" [3] From: Conan #4 (1995) & Conan vs. Rune (1995) Charles Dixon Alfredo Alcala [pi], Paul Becton [g]
Stalker of the Snows, #3: "Within the Mountain of Madness [1][2] Roy Thomas Mike Docherty [p], Rudy Nebres [ig]

Dan Brereton [c]
Frontispiece Liam Sharp [p], Robin Riggs [i]
"The Fallen Idol", #1 Ian Edginton Enrique Alcatena
"Swords of Zhamakand", #1 [4] Roy Thomas Geof Isherwood

Greg & Tim Hildebrandt [c]
Frontispiece Enrique Alcatena
"The Fallen Idol", #2 Ian Edginton Enrique Alcatena [pi], Paul Becton [g]
Swords of Zhamakand, #2: "Terror beneath the Crypt" [4] Roy Thomas Geof Isherwood

Jacques Bredy [c]
Frontispiece Gary Kwapisz
"Howling in the Wilderness" Charles Dixon Gary Kwapisz
"Sanctuary of the Storms" Rafael Kayanan Rafael Kayanan [p], John Floyd [i]

Val Mayerik [c]
Frontispiece Neil Hansen
"Ivory" Mike Baron Val Mayerik
"Fate" Neil Hansen Neil Hansen

Tom Grindberg [c]
Frontispiece Jeff Johnson
"Death-Song from the Stars" Charles Dixon Enrique Alcatena [p], Bob Sharen [i]
"City under Seige" [5] Enrique Villagran [pi], Paul Becton [g]

Dan Brereton [c]
"The Necromancers of Na'at" [6] Roy Thomas John Buscema

The end of series.

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