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All stories Conan involved except otherwise mentioned. The other characters only partial: Elric involved [14]. Red Sonja involved: appearance [19], solo [39], mentioned with a pict [45] and a pict without name [65]. King Kull involved [41]. Bêlit involved [44]. Amra involved [46]. Zula involved [57]. Jenna involved [69], mentioned with a pict [45].

Pay attention sliding storylines: Conan the Barbarian #66 (1976) > Marvel Feature presents... Red Sonja #6 (1976) > Conan the Barbarian #67 > Marvel Feature presents... Red Sonja #7 > Conan the Barbarian #68 [49].

The Chronicles of Conan (1–12)

Dark Horse. On going (2003–) | In color.

Reprints the original (recolored [1] and retyped [72]) Marvel Conan the Barbarian (1970–1993). Books partly verified [99].

Issue Title Writer Artist

Barry Smith [c]
"The Coming of Conan" Re: CO-1-70 | CO-22-73 Roy Thomas Barry Smith [p], Dan Adkins [e]
"Lair of the Beast-Men" [2] Re: CO-2-70 | COA-1-73 Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [i]
"The Twilight of the Grim Grey God" [3][4] Re: CO-3-71 Barry Smith [p], Dan Adkins [e]
"The Tower of the Elephant" [5] Re: CO-4-71 | COA-1-73 (Cf. Dark Horse version) Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [i]
"Zukala's Daughter" [6] Re: CO-5-71 | GSC-2-74 Barry Smith [p], Frank Giacoia [i], Mimi Gold [k]
"Devil-Wings over Shadizar" [69] Re: CO-6-71 | GSC-3-75 Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [i]
"The Lurker within" [7] Re: CO-7-71 | GSC-4-75 Barry Smith [p], Dan Adkins [e], Sal Buscema [e]
"The Keepers of the Crypt" [2][8][69] Re: CO-8-71 Barry Smith [p], Tom Sutton [i], Tom Palmer [i]

Barry Smith [c]



"The Garden of Fear" [9][10][69] Re: CO-9-71

Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [e]
"Beware the Wrath of Anu" [11][69] Re: CO-10-71 Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [i]
"Rogues in the House" #1 & #2: "The Talons of Thak" [11][12][69] Re: CO-11-71 Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [e]
"The Dweller in the Dark" [70] Re: CO-12-71 Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [i]
"Web of the Spider-God" [13] Re: CO-13-72 Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [i]
"The Frost Giant's Daughter" [15] Re: ST-1-71 | CO-16-72 | SSC-1-74 (Cf. Dark Horse version) Barry Smith [pi]

Barry Smith [c], Dan Adkins [c]
"A Sword Called Stormbringer" [14] Re: CO-14-72 | GSC-5-75 Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [e]
"The Green Empress of Melniboné" [14] Re: CO-15-72 | GSC-5-75 Barry Smith [pi], Sal Buscema [i]
"The Gods of Bal-Sagoth" [16] Re: CO-17-72 Gil Kane [p], Ralph Reese [i]
The Gods of Bal-Sagoth #2:"The Thing in the Temple" Re: CO-18-72 Gil Kane [p], Dan Adkins [e]
"Hawks from the Sea" [10] Re: CO-19-72 Barry Smith [p], Dan Adkins [e]
"The Black Hound of Vengeange" Re: CO-20-72
"Monster of the Monoliths" [17][71] Re: CO-21-72 Barry Smith [p],
Dan Adkins [p], Craig Russell [e], Val Mayerik [e], Sal Buscema [e]

Barry Smith [c]
"The Shadow of the Vulture" [18][19] Re: CO-23-73 Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [i], Dan Adkins [i], STi
"The Song of Red Sonja", 3 parts [19][20] Re: CO-24-73 Barry Smith [pik]
"The Mirrors of Kharam Akkad" [21] Re: CO-25-73 John Buscema [p], Sal Buscema [e], John Severin [e]
"The Hour of the Griffin" Re: CO-26-73 John Buscema [p], Ernie Chua [i]
"Red Nails", #1 [38] Re: ST-2-73 | RN-83 Barry Smith [pi]
Red Nails, #2: "The Lurker from the Catacombs" [38] Re: ST-3-74 | RN-83
Red Nails, #3: "He Comes from the Dark" [38] Re: ST-3-74 | RN-83

John Buscema [c], Ernie Chua [c]
"The Blood of Bel-Hissar" [22] Re: CO-27-73 John Buscema [p], Ernie Chua [i]
"Moon of Zembabwei" [23] Re: CO-28-73
"Two Against Turan" [24] Re: CO-29-73 John Buscema [pi], Ernie Chua [pi]
"The Hand of Nergal" [25] Re: CO-30-73 | CV2-50-08
"The Shadow in the Tomb" Re: CO-31-73
"Flame Winds of Lost Khitai" [26] Re: CO-32-73
Flame Winds of Lost Khitai #2:
"Death and 7 Wizards" [26] Re: CO-33-73
John Buscema [p], Ernie Chua [i]
Flame Winds of Lost Khitai #3: "The Temptress
in the Tower of Flame" [26] Re: CO-34-74

Neal Adams [c]
"The Hell-Spawn of Kara-Shehr" [27][72][79] Re: CO-35-74
"Beware the Hyrkanians
Bearing Gifts..." [72] Re: CO-36-74
"The Curse of the Golden Skull" [28][29][72][77] Re: CO-37-74 Neal Adams [pi]
"The Warrior and the Were-Woman" [30][72][77] Re: CO-38-74 John Buscema [pi]
"The Dragon from the Inland Sea" [72] Re: CO-39-74
"The Fiend from the Forgotten City" [31][72][80] Re: CO-40-74 Rich Buckler [pi], Ernie Chua [pi]
"The Garden of Death and Life" [33][72] Re: CO-41-74 John Buscema [p], Ernie Chua [i]
"Night of the Gargoyle" [34][72][81] To: SSC-1-74 Re: CO-42-74

John Buscema [c], Ernie Chua [c]
"Tower of Blood" [19][35][72][73] From: SSC-1-74 Re: CO-43-74 John Buscema [pi], Ernie Chua [pi]
Tower of Blood #2: "Of Flame and the Fiend" [19][35][72][74] Re: CO-44-74 John Buscema [pi], The Crusty Bunkers [pi]
"The Last Ballad of Laza-Lanti" [36][72][75] Re: CO-45-74 John Buscema [p], The Crusty Bunkers [e]
"The Curse of the Conjurer" [37][72][76] Re: CO-46-75 John Buscema [pi],
Joe Sinnott [pi]
The Curse of the Conjurer #2: Goblins in the Moonlight"[37][72] Re: CO-47-75 John Buscema [pi], Dan Adkins [pi]
The Curse of the Conjurer #3: "The Rats Dance at Ravengard" [37][72] Re: CO-48-75 John Buscema [p], Dick Giordano [e], Dan Adkins [e]
The Curse of the Conjurer #4: "Wolf-Woman" [37][72] Re: CO-49-75 John Buscema [pi],
Dick Giordano [pi]
The Curse of the Conjurer #5: "The Dweller in the Pool" [37][72][77] Re: CO-50-75
The Curse of the Conjurer #6: "Man Born of Demon" [37][72][78] Re: CO-51-75

John Buscema [c], Steve Gan [c]
"The Altar and the Scorpion" [40][41] Re: CO-52-75 John Buscema [pe],
Tom Palmer [pe]
"Brothers of the Blade" Re: CO-53-75 John Buscema [pi],
Frank Springer [pi]
"The Oracle of Ophir" Re: CO-54-75 John Buscema [p], Tom Palmer [e]
"Shadow on the Land" Re: CO-55-75
"The Strange High Tower in the Mist" Re: CO-56-75 John Buscema [p], Pablo Marcos [e]
"Incident in Argos" [42] Re: CO-57-75 Mike Ploog [pi]
"Queen of the Black Coast" [43][44] Re: CO-58-76 John Buscema [p], Steve Gan [e]
"The Ballad of Bêlit" [44] Re: CO-59-76

John Buscema [c], Ernie Chua [c]
"Riders of the River-Dragons" [44] Re: CO-60-76
"On the Track of the She-Pirate" [44][45] Re: CO-61-76
"Lord of the Lions" [44] Re: CO-62-76
"Death among the Ruins" [44][46] Re: CO-63-76
"Fiends of the Feathered Serpent" [44][48] Re: CO-65-76 John Buscema [p], The Tribe [e]
"The Demon out of the Deep" [44][50] Re: CO-69-76 Val Mayerik [pi], The Tribe [pi]
"The City in the Storm" [44][51] Re: CO-70-77 John Buscema [p], Ernie Chan (aka Ernie Chua) [68] [e]
"The Secret of Ashtoreth" [44][51] Re: CO-71-77 John Buscema [pi], Ernie Chan [pi]

John Buscema [c], Ernie Chan [c]
"Vengeance in Asgalun" [44] Re: CO-72-77 John Buscema [p], Ernie Chan [e]
"He Who Waits the Well of Skelos" [44][52] Re: CO-73-77
"The Battle at the Black Walls" [44] Re: CO-74-77 John Buscema [pi], Ernie Chan [pi]
"The Hawk-Riders of Harahkt" [44] Re: CO-75-77
"Swordless in Stygia" [44] Re: CO-76-77
"When Giants Walk the Earth" [44] Re: CO-77-77 John Buscema [p], Ernie Chan [i]
"The Lost Valley of Iskander" [44][55] Re: CO-79-77 Howard Chaykin [pi], Ernie Chan [pi]
"Trial by Combat" [55] Re: CO-80-77
"The Eye of the Serpent" [55] Re: CO-81-77

John Buscema [c], Ernie Chan [c]
"The Sorceress of the Swamp" [56] Re: CO-82-78
"The Dance of the Skull" [56] Re: CO-83-78
"Two against the Hawk-City" [44][57] Re: CO-84-78 John Buscema [p], Ernie Chan [e]
"Of Swordsmen and Sorcerers" [44][57] Re: CO-85-78 John Buscema [pi], Ernie Chan [pi]
"The Devourer of the Dead" [44][57] Re: CO-86-78
"The Queen and the Corsairs" [44][57] Re: CO-88-78 John Buscema [pi], Ernie Chan [pi]
"The Sword and the Serpent" [44][57] Re: CO-89-78
"The Diadem of the Giant-Kings" [44][57] Re: CO-90-78

John Buscema [c], Ernie Chan [c]
"Savage Doings in Shem" [44][57] Re: CO-91-78
"Of Rage and Revenge" [44][57] Re: CO-93-78 John Buscema [pi], Ernie Chan [pi]
"The Return Of Amra" [44] Re: CO-95-79
"The Long Night of
Fang and Talon", #1 [44] Re: CO-96-79
"The Long Night of
Fang and Talon", #2 [44] Re: CO-97-79
"Sea-Woman" [44][64][65] Re: CO-98-79
"Devil-Crabs of the Dark Cliffs" [44][66] Re: CO-99-79
"Death on the Black Coast" [44][67] Re: CO-100-79

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