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All stories Conan involved except in the story, "The Blood of the Dragon". Red Sonja mentioned with a pict, Bêlit and Valeria without [2]. Zenobia involved partial [4]. Jenna involved partial [7].

Giant-Size Conan

Marvel. 5 issues (1974–1975) | In color.

Issue Title Writer Artist

Gil Kane [c]
"The Hour of the Dragon", #1 & #2: "The Stranger from Hell" & #3: "When Mountains Reel" [1][2] Roy Thomas Gil Kane [p], Tom Sutton [i]
"The Twilight of the Grim Grey God" [3] Barry Smith [pk], Sal Buscema [i]

John Buscema [c]
The Hour of the Dragon, #2/Chapter 1: "Conan Bound" & Ch. #2: "The Haunter of the Pits" [1][4] Gil Kane [pi], Tom Sutton [pi]
"Zukala's Daughter" [5][6] Re: CO-5-71 | CHC-1-03 Barry Smith [pk], Frank Giacoia [i]

Gil Kane [c]
The Hour of the Dragon, #3/Chapter 1: "To Tarantia and the Tower", Ch. 2: "The Trial in the Temple" [1][4] Gil Kane [pi], Tom Sutton [pi]
"Devil-Wings over Shadizar" [7][8] Re: CO-6-71 | CHC-1-03 Barry Smith [pk], Sal Buscema [i]

Gil Kane [c]
The Hour of the Dragon, #4: "Swords of the South" [1] To: SSC-8-75 Gil Kane [p], Frank Springer [e], Vince Colletta [e]
"The Lurker within" [8][9] Re: CO-7-71 | CHC-1-03 Barry Smith [p], Dan Adkins [e], Sal Buscema [e]

Jack Kirby [c]
"A Sword Called Stormbringer" [10][11] Re: CO-14-72 | CHC-3-04 Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [e]
"The Green Empress of Melniboné" [10][12] Re: CO-15-72 | CHC-3-04
"The Blood of the Dragon" [13][14] Re: CO-12-71 Gil Kane [p], Diverse hands [e]

The end of series.

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