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All stories Conan involved except otherwise mentioned. The other characters only partial: King Kull involved [4] and shortly [15]. Zenobia involved, and Red Sonja and Bêlit mentioned with picts [8].

Conan the Barbarian Annual [King-Size]

Marvel. 12 issues (1973–1987) | In color.

Issue Title Writer Artist


Barry Smith [c]

"Lair of the Beast-Men" [1] Re: CO-2-70 | CHC-1-03 Roy Thomas Barry Smith [p], Sal Buscema [i]
"The Tower of the Elephant" [2] Re: CO-4-71 | CHC-1-03

[c] Re: CHC-15-08
"Conan the Cimmerian, Prologue" Re: CHC-15-08 John Buscema [pi], Yong Montano [pi]
"The Phoenix on the Sword", #1 & #2: "Ring of Evil" [3][15] Re: CHC-15-08 Vincente Alcazar [pi], Yong Montano [pi]


John Buscema, Ernie Chan [c]

"At the Mountain of the Moon-God", #1 & #2: "Where Dark Death Soars" [4][5] Re: SSC-3-74 John Buscema [pi], Pablo Marcos [pi]
"The Beast from the Abyss" [6][7] Re: SSC-2-74 Steve Englehart Howard Chaykin [pi], The Crusty Bunkers [pi]
"The Return of the Conqueror", #1 & #2: "The Mark of the Manotaur" & #3: "Siege and Slaughter" [8][9] Re: CHC-15-08 Roy Thomas John Buscema [pi], Ernie Chan [pi]


John Buscema [c]

"Bride of the Conqueror" Re: CHC-15-08


Gil Kane [c]

"King of the Forgotten People" [10] Re: CHC-17-08 Gil Kane [pi]


John Buscema [c]

"Red Shadows and Black Kraken" [11][12] Re: CHC-21-11 John Buscema [p], Danny Bulanadi [e], Ricardo Villamonte[e], Armando Gil [e]


Val Mayerik [c]

"Dark Knight of the White Queen" Re: CHC-22-12 Jim Owsley Val Mayerik [pi]


Ernie Chan [c]

"Wrath of the Shambling God" Re: CHC-22-12 Michael Fleisher Ernie Chan [pi]


Ernie Chan [c]

"Scorched Earth" Re: CHC-23-13 Jim Owsley


Ernie Chan [c]

"Bride of the Oculist" James C. Owsley


Ernie Chan [c]

"Legion of the Deah" [4][13] Vince Giarrano [p], Ernie Chan [i]

The end of series.

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