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There exists also the other Marvel Savage Tales [II], 8 issues (1985–1986). That one has not much to do with sword and sorcery or ancient jungle stories. It is focused to violence and war.

Check also Dynamite Entertainment version of Savage Tales [III]. That is more close. Includes among other things, Red Sonja.

Savage Tales [I]

Marvel. 11 issues (1971–1975) | In B&W.

Issue Title Writer Penciller

John Buscema [c]
C: "Conan the Barbarian" [actually ought to be "The Frost Giant's Daughter"] [1][2] Re: CO-16-72 | SSC-1-74 | CHC-2-03 Roy Thomas Barry Smith
S: "The Fure of the Femizones" [3] Re: ST-3-74 Stan Lee John Romita
MT: "...Man-Thing" Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas Gray Morrow
BB: "Black Brother" Sergius O'Shaughnessy Gene Colan, Tom Palmer
KZ: "The Night of the Looter" [4] Re: ST-6-74 Stan Lee John Buscema

John Buscema [c]
C: "Red Nails", #1 [5] Re: RN-83 | CHC-4-04 Roy Thomas Barry Smith
"Dark Tomorrow" Gerry Conway Gray Morrow
C: "Cimmeria" Barry Smith Barry Smith
"The Crusader", #1 [6] Stan Lee Joe Maneely
KK: "The Skull of Silence" [7] Roy Thomas Berni Wrightson

Pablo Marcos, John Romita [c]
C: Red Nails, #2: "The Lurker from the Catacombs" [5] Re: RN-83 | CHC-4-04 Barry Smith
S: "The Fure of the Femizones" [3] Re: ST-1-71 Stan Lee John Romita
C: Red Nails, #3: "He Comes from the Dark" [5] Re: RN-83 | CHC-4-04 Roy Thomas Barry Smith

Neal Adams [c]

C: "Night of the Dark God" [8][9] Gil Kane [pi], Neal Adams [pi], Diverse Hands [pi], Pablo Marcos [t]

"The Crusader", #2 [10]

Stan Lee Joe Maneely
C: "The Dweller in the Dark" Roy Thomas Barry Smith

Neal Adams [c]

C: "The Secret of Skull River" [11] Jim Starlin, Al Milgrom
B: "Spell of the Dragon" Dan Atikins Val Mayerik [pi], Joe Sinnott [pi], Dan Adkins [l] [12]
KZ: "The Legend of the Lizard Men" Stan Lee John Buscema

Neal Adams [c]
KZ: "The Damnation Plague", #1 Gerry Conway John Buscema, Tony deZuniga
J: "Fangs of the Black Orchid"   Al Williamson, Ralph Mayo
"Dragonseed" Len Wein Steve Gan
KZ: "The Night of the Looter" [3] Re: ST-1-71 Stan Lee John Buscema

Boris Vallejo [c]
KZ: The Damnation Plague, #2: "Stalker in a Savageland" Gerry Conway John Buscema, Tony deZuniga
B: "The Unspeakable Shrine", #1 [13] Doug Moench Steve Gan
KZ:"The Dream-Temple of Kandu Ra" Gerry Conway John Buscema, The Crusty Bunkers

Steve Fabian [c]
KZ&SH: "The Billion Year War", #1 & #2: "The War that Time Forgot" John Buscema, Tony deZuniga

Michael Kaluta [c]
KZ: "Dark Island of Doom", #1 & #2: "Beneth the Palace of Pain" Steven Gan
SH: "The Golden Blood-Beasts of Daka-Jur" Carla Conway [14] The Tribe

Boris Vallejo [c]
KZ: "Requiem for a Haunted Man" Gerry Conway Russ Heath, The Crusty Bunkers
SH: "Blood Purge" Carla Conway Ross Andry, Vinnie Colleta

Michael Whelan [c]
KZ: "Marauder in a Cage of Time" Doug Moench Steven Gan & Rico Rival
Issue Title Writer Penciller
Annual #1

Ken Barr [c]
KZ: "A Day of Tigers" Roy Thomas Gil Kane, Frank Giacoia
M: "Dragon Seed" Len Wein Steven Gan
KZ: "Back to the Savage Land" Gerry Conway Barry Smith, Sam Grainger
KZ: "The Sun God"
KZ: "Rampage" Barry Smith, Frank Giacoia
"Dark Tomorrow" Gray Morrow

The end of series.

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